I’ll be there

Live in Chapel Hill, going with my neighbors to the games this weekend. Can’t decide whether to wear all Razorback red (ok, Cardinal) or to wear that Carolina Blue colored Razorback baseball cap I got in Fayetteville (Arkansas, not North Carolina), it always gets double takes around here.

By the way, years ago, I coached baseball at the YMCA in Pine Bluff. The kids were very young, a lot of them had never played baseball before. I asked a kid to go out and play right field and he looked at me like he had no idea what I was saying. So I walked him out to right field. As I was walking back his Mother walked up to me, and she said “That’s my son. He did not understand what you were saying because he is deaf”. Oops! I was so embarrassed and apologetic. Great kid. Great player. As was his brother, who was partially deaf, so I could speak to him and he could relay the message to his brother in sign language.

The right fielder, who eventually became our second baseman, was Larry Wallace. His brother was Prentiss Wallace. Despite my coaching, they both played for Arkansas and reached the Championship series of the CWS.

My favorite Larry Wallace moment when I coached him? The ump called him out at second base. Terrible call. Larry got mad and kept jumping up and down on second base, having an understandable tantrum. The umpire kept trying to explain the call, but Larry wasn’t listening. Literally. So not knowing what to do, the umpire changed his mind and changed his call, called him safe.


If I can figure out how to get a ticket I’ll be making the 164 mile drive up I-40.

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Wow @ncschwartz3650 what a great story. Baseball was big in our hometown of Pine Bluff back in the day.

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If you get a ticket, I’ll figure out parking. Neighbors frittered away the whole day, they just now tried to get tickets for them and me as promised, they are around $300, they opted out. But if you can get tickets, I’ll at least figure out parking for you, may go myself if I can get a ticket too and give you a ride if you’d like.

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That works! Maybe I’ll have an extra ticket, who knows?

Their dad, L.E. Wallace, was an awesome Little League coach. Coached Pepsi Cola team for several years.

That’s a great story.

Checked with brother, he’s a Razorback Club member, totally forgot that when neighbor falsely promised tickets, deadline was midnight Tuesday. Oops! So here’s my plan. If you get a ticket for me, great. If not, I check my friend’s lot, 15 minute walk, that should work, if not, my office is 30 minute walk. Good exercise. Scalpers will be outside the stadium. If ridiculous prices (like $400), walk 15 minutes back to Franklin Street, lunch and game (on ESPN) in air conditioned comfort.

Okay. Still waiting to hear from the ticket office; email promised today. Will look at other options if not.

I’d like to meet you guys while you’re in Chapel Hill.

You’ve already met me, Matt (at BWA), but I’m okay with repeat performance.

I know. Maybe I should have said meet up with. I’m supposed to get into town late tomorrow.

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Please do. Getting just one ticket is harder than getting two. As to parking, here’s what it was for the Regionals. Assume it would be the same for the Super Regionals.

“Parking will be available for $10 in Rams Head Deck and for free in Craige Deck on levels 5-9.”

The Ram’s Head Deck is just past the stadium, the latter is on the left, you go down a short way, and the former is on the right. I don’t want to pay to park before I know I have a ticket. Plus I hate parking decks.

I don’t mind parking decks but I hate paying to park if I don’t have to.

UNC won’t put tickets up for sale until tomorrow and there’s nothing yet on the StubHub page.

I was actually going to ask if you need journalistic assistance if I can’t get a ticket, since as you remember I’ve done some stringing for the ADG over here. I’m probably not going to get there until Saturday morning, but could certainly do something after the game Saturday or Sunday.

Matt, have a great time. If you need any pointers, not only am I a former UNC employee and a resident of Chapel Hill, my son is a sports-obsessed former Editor of “The Daily Tar Heel” (who now is a chef/bartender/soon-to-be restaurant owner, who knows all the best places to eat). My wife went to UNC. But they are all Arkansas fans too.

I see tickets on STUBHUB and Vividseats, but they range from around $200 to $400. I did not know UNC was putting tickets up for sale to the general public tomorrow. If so, I could head to the ticket office when they open, better that than calling.

And I just called the ticket office, UNC will not put tickets up for sale tomorrow, they sold their entire allotment to Ram’s Club Members and season ticket holders.

I guessed that might be the case. I know nothing at Baum makes it to general public sale in the postseason. I’ll look at Stubhub; a little earlier there was nothing. I have no idea what face value is; UA put $0 on the request for tickets.

I don’t know anything about UNC baseball crowds, but I bet it will not be a harsh crowd compared to what our players are used to. And if all the tickets are to big money donors, those people tend to watch & sit on their hands.

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