I’ll be surprised

If we hire a big name coach. We don’t have much talent and has anyone looked at the schedule next year? I will be pleasantly surprised if hy pullS out a magical hire. Let’s also remember coach b was a big time coup for long and look how that turned out.

Whoever it is , we will need more patience because lots and lots of rebuilding to do.

I absolutely don’t want leach. Norvell would be fine w me, but stuff in the closet according to dudley. Freeze would be fine w me, forgive and forget and put a clause in contract about personal items and clean recruiting

We need a coach that can hire some real pros on both sides of the ball. Someone w connections to some salty tough coaches that can get it done that can find talent. We aren’t going to sign any stars for a while until this thing gets stable. No grad assistants that sec coaches will eat alive.

Everyone enamored w these coaches that are doing well w lessor talent. Only difference, they don’t play in the sec. gonna be tough to do period.

I think Tito’s situation would have been okay had , one, he not liked the Tito’s so much, and two, he ran a program that would have kept Chaney and Pittman. Losing them really started the downward spiral. It turns out that CBB didn’t have a lot of self-discipline so it’s hard to discipline your team.

This has to be a home run hire!!! A hire that will convince kids like Burks to stay at Arkansas. A hire to unite and excite the fan base. A hire that will excite recruits and make them want to come and play at Arkansas. A hire that is proven, with a great resume. Not an up and coming Morris type. A hire that will have the Jerry Jones type support, if you know what I mean. A hire that will be made soon, for recruiting and retaining purposes. What about a Bob Stoops? If he did it at Oklahoma, could he not do at Arkansas? The XFL, really? How about the SEC West, the toughest conference/division in America. Open up the check book.

BTW what Novvell do so wrong Or hint at what he does that really gets under a bunch of peoples skin.

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Coaches want to win too. Stoops ain’t taking this job for less than 7-10 million a year. I am not sure he would then either.

This is a hard job and tough place to recruit too.

So you’re saying coaches chase talent? So it’s just like high school coaches. Don’t go where there is no talent and leave when the talent dries up. That’s how you end with coaches like CM, sorry Chad but that was your m.o. when you were in TX.