I’ll Be At Saturdays Game in Columbia

Sitting behind home plate in first couple of rows. My son surprised us with tickets since we are going up to KC to visit him for long weekend. $10/ticket! Folks at Missouri must not care about baseball?

If anyone else is there Saturday, come say hi! I’ll be decked out in Hog clothes.


Root them on to a win!

If you are looking for an outstanding meal in CoMo, check out

Wow that’s cheap. Where’s a good place to stay a couple of nights.

Regardless of whether a highly-ranked team or a hated rival is in town, the seats are mostly empty.

It wouldn’t surprise me if you see more Razorbacks fans there than people cheering for Mizzeeew.

I’ll be there also. I live about an hour south of Columbia. Get to take a couple of my grandsons to the game.

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Heck yes Marty! I’m always up for a good steak! Need to put some meat on the bones of my daughter in law!

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CC’s only takes same day reservations. They start answering the phone at 11 a.m. Every time I’ve been there, it’s been packed so it might be a good idea to start calling them early.

When we went (first Arkansas FB game at Mizzou after they joined the SEC), they did not take reservations at all. That’s an improvement.

I’ll be in jeans for the game. This place isn’t ultra fancy with dress codes?

Like Fayetteville, I don’t think there’s anywhere you can go in Columbia where you can’t wear jeans.

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