I like what I see from Dominic Fletcher

Fletcher was a top 500 draft prospect who turned down some money to attend Arkansas. I was told some teams were telling him $550,000 in the pre-draft process. He wanted more and went undrafted.

I think he may be the team’s starting center fielder when the season starts in February.

He is a really good player - quick in the field and with the left-handed bat. He had a couple of deep home runs during batting practice and went the opposite way for a single off freshman lefty Evan Lee in the scrimmage.

Van Horn has referenced Fletcher (not by name, as it would be an NCAA violation) for a couple of years - something to the tune of, “Wait until you see this outfielder we have from California. We like what he’ll bring if we can get him to campus.” He said similar things for a couple of years about an outfielder from Ohio - Andrew Benintendi.

I agree with Matt. Fletcher did look good in the early practices.

I have heard from coaches that Fletcher was the one that they had to get from the last signing class. McFarland was coveted, too. But you must have good play in center field. They think they will get that from Fletcher and his bat is very good, too. I love good lefty hitters who can play defense. Fletcher makes things look easy.