I like turtles


They are awesome

Especially good in soup with carrots and potatoes.

Throw a little pepper.

Has someone been reading Bloom County online?

I’ve got one in my yard that keeps coming back for spoonfuls of tuna. I’ve named him Cheesecake. The kids weren’t very excited about the soup option.

Couldn’t decide if that turtle was eating or recovering from a long night.

I had turtle soup in New Orleans years ago which was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

The Cajuns are especially adept at cooking with it. Of course,they are
good at cooking a lot of things.

I’ve never enjoyed eating the shell, even though it was Cajun cooked and had ample pepper and Tabasco sauce in the gumbo. Do you?

No shells. Gumbo mixture with turtle meat is great. Gator
works too.