I like this team.....

I like this team. They’ve been fun to watch this season.

Sure they have a few gaps; we don’t have a solid, consistent, #3 starter; we don’t have great team speed; we make a few fielding errors (9th SEC); and we don’t blow out a lot of teams.

But, the Hogs lead the SEC in batting average; they’re third in the SEC in ERA; first in hits, tied for first with HRs, first in slugging percent, first in on base average, first in total bases, third in runs scored, second in wins, tied for first in saves, first in walks allowed, fifth in hits allowed, and fourth in double plays fielded.

In sum, what I like about this team is I feel they are balanced and well-rounded, very good at most things that matter.

I disagree about the team speed comment. This team has speed. Look at how well they go first to third, track balls down in the outfield, etc. There have also been a number of doubles and triples. That’s a byproduct of good hitting, yes, but also of good base running in several instances.

I think the reason we have not shown as much speed is a by-product of our power. Its easier to hit a 3 run jack to bring them in than play small ball all the time.

We showed our team speed the last few weeks when we started small balling a bit against some of the better pitchers.

This team shows it’s speed in the outfield!
On the bases there’s no reason to try to steal a bunch of bases but going from first to third on a base hit as others have mentioned does show off the speed. There have been blunders running the bases but that happens.
Timely hitting is what this team needs moving forward. They have relied on the homer but they also have hit the sacrifice fly. I just hope they play well!
The hogs pitching is as good as any team I’ve watched in regional action. You could also put our bull pen up against anyone as well.