I like this team but.........

I wish they would eliminate the tap pass from their repertoire. It may work in volleyball but it never does anything but end a promising fast break in basketball.

When it works its stellar, when it doesn’t it stinks.

Exactly. It has been stellar as many times as it has been dismal. Will be needed in big games.

I would have to disagree with that statement. Even if it were true, that means that you’ve thrown away 50% of those scoring opportunities. And for what? A few style points. Those don’t count anymore on the scoreboard. I don’t think MA is a big fan either. He was a little ticked about too many unforced turnovers last night. In a close game, that could really come back and haunt us. Just control the ball and make a good pass. In the long run, that will score you more points.

The Oliver Miller full court pass after made free throws! Would love to see that from time to time,