I like the sound of this

https://mobile.twitter.com/Lakia_henry_ … 1290554368

For those who don’t have Twitter—

Scoota Harris tweets at Lakia Henry, “Let’s link bro :smirk:

Lakia replies— “:eyes::eyes: facts bruh”


Thanks. None of it makes sense to me but if you like it I’ll take it as a good thing.

I like the sound of it as well, especially if it links the two of them at the LB spot together next year!

For Scoota to come back, that would be big in the first place.

To flip Henry would be the daily double.

I think Scoota comes back I don’t think he wants to go out on such a bad season.Love Henrys film carpon copy of Scoota but faster!!

I think he comes back too because he could go from a mid round pick to an upper round pick with another good season.
My opinion at least, and hope

That would be a fearsome set of linebackers.
Pad-poppers. I love that sudden sound of the thump
when a fierce LB slams his target.

And what makes any of that Hog related? I just don’t understand. When I click on the link you posted I guess I don’t know how to read it, or it changed, or something. By the way, this is why I HATE twitter. It makes no sense to me.

I have to agree, I can sorta read between the lines on some tweets.

Well what else would it be related to? Lakia isn’t going to he nfl, they didn’t know each other prior to his visit to Arkansas. Just add that together and we can kind of assume what Scoota is talking about.

I’m part of their generation and I saw it as a good tweet. My dad wouldn’t have any idea what it was about.