I like our draw

These talking heads on ESPN are giving us no respect. That’s fine, and I hope we have a LOG on our shoulders. The toothpaste hasn’t played anybody, and Laphonso Ellis is a certified idiot for picking them against us (why is that guy even on TV anyway ?). I’m not scared of TT either. We are simply better than them. Everybody wanted Beard when Coach A was fired. I like the guy we hired instead. As far as Ohio State, I think they, along with the rest of the Big 10, are vastly overrated. As far as Baylor, Okie Lite beat them, and we shoud’ve beaten Okie Lite on the road. Game on. Go Hogs!

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Not that it matters…but I don’t like the draw, particularly. Colgate is knd of an unknown that looks like the type of team that ‘doesn’t know what it doesn’t know’, and may be capable of getting hot from the 3 point line. An up-tempo game will not bother them at all; in fact, it appears that’s exactly the type of game they like. And they should be playing with ‘house money’, since they are clearly the underdog and not expected to win. Meanwhile, no one on our team has ever played in an NCAA Tournament game. And Colgate isn’t a “name” team…might be easy for our guys to mistakenly overlook their first opponent and skip ahead mentally to an expected matchup with Tech…that may never happen if we don’t focus on the first game.

If we survive and advance, we’ll likely run into a Tech team that HAS been in the dance, has an outstanding coach, and was expected to do much better this year than they have…so they likely have a chip on their shoulder. Plus, we know they have excellent coaching.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not ‘skeered’. At this point, the main objective is to get into the field, and then you are responsible for your own destiny. But i certainly don’t think we got an ‘easy’ road.

Just my honest reaction to your post. Your opinion is certainly as valid as mine.

How many players on Tech have been in the dance?? I recognize their run 2 years ago but we skipped a dance in between. It’s a different time with COVID. Shortened seasons, lack of challenges etc.

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I watched the video on Colgate…they certainly can shoot from 3 pt land. We certainly are more athletic and when we play good defense, we should win with ease. However, when we don’t, we could be in for a nail biter.

I’m with Wiz on this. But I’ll admit I wouldn’t have been comfortable with any draw! These Hogs are capable of beating anyone, but that second half the other day was awful. I think we’ll win both games with neither being easy…

I have to say, I feel like our bracket draw is pretty tough… but like lilhawg, I wouldn’t have felt too great with any draw. I’m always a little nervous until that buzzer goes off and the game is over.
I will say, I know it would be a ways down the bracket road but the one team I do NOT want to lose to is Baylor. I have too many loud talking Baylor fans around me. Ha.

I like the draw and the matchups for the Hogs… that and $6.00 will get a latte at Starbucks.

Respectfully I don’t like this draw at all.

Colgate is good and TX Tech has one of best coaches in America and last NCAA was national runner up.

This is the type of team that could pose a significant threat against to all the Hog teams between Nolan and Muss. On our infrequent visit to the Big Dance, we have turned in some real head scratching losses. I still don’t understand some of the failures we had.

This year we have a much different team. The Razorbacks did not lose a game to a team that is not playing in the NCAA tournament. We did not have a bad loss. We won every game against a lesser team. This game will be no different. I expect that our defensive pressure will be intense and we will disrupt their 3 point shooting. We will control the boards and attack them with aggressive fast break opportunities.

Moses will spot up, Smith will post up, Devo, JD, and Tate will make steals and generally keep the pressure on them. Williams, Smith, and Moody will own the boards.

And Muss will play the Seth Davis tape over and over again.

I fully expect us to win handily and get ready to put a whupping on TT.

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I’m with you. The Hogs can’t rest on their laurels. I really believe Texas Tech should have been a 4 seed. Tough draw.

Again - I’m not complaining or thinking we got a “raw deal”. Just stating that it would be nice to have a walk-over in the first round so that our guys can get their Tournament legs underneath them, and I don’t believe we’ve been fortunate enough to get that kind of draw. And then, in the second round, to likely run into a very well coached and almost certainly under-seeded team in Tech…well, we certainly got no favors from the committee.

That said, it’s usually not easy when you get to this stage of the season…and, it shouldn’t be. If you’re going to name a champion, whoever survives should have earned it by playing their way through 6 games that challenged and tested them.

Bring it on.

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I don’t like the draw at all if I’m a Texas Tech fan.

Utah State is a really tough 1st round game, and Arkansas has a really deep team with one of the best coaches in America, who just woke the sleeping giant.

As for Colgate… they are an unknown. Not nearly enough body of work to conclude much. Lots of guessing involved with them.

My guess… Colgate is a 14 seed for good reason.

I just hope J Williams is back 100% and in shape. He is a Huuuuge difference maker. When he comes into a game we are a much better team. If we had him in Nashville, we most likely would have won the tourney. Most of the folks predicting Colgate don’t have a clue. It may be a tough game for a while, but our depth, offensive fire power and long armed defense should bury them in the second half. This team is very capable of a final 4 run IMO. Muss won’t let them overlook anyone and Colgate should get our best shot. 6 days rest for this team… I hope we blow out Colgate so those idiots disrespecting these players go back into their caves… March Madness has begun.

Arkansas has to eliminate the turnovers and shoot well before they are going to beat anyone in the tourney. Hopefully the LSU game will help them focus and get back to the formula that worked during the win streak.

Colgate gave Tenn all they could handle two years ago. The star was Burns who is now a Senior. This scares me a bit. That Tenn team was really good. It was a 3 point game with less than 2 minutes to go.

My view is that Williams’ illness (or absence) caused Muss to relax our guards to help protect Smith down low (on defense). This enabled Missou and LSU to have several open shots. With Williams “playable” the Hogs really have 10 fouls to give, rather than 5 from Smith’s position. That’s a game changer.

I agree, the 10 fouls added to William’s ability on both ends of the court makes us a much tougher team.

I was more than a bit surprised to learn that Colgate only played 5 different teams this whole year, all of those in their own conference. How on earth could a proper seed be determined for them?

I actually think Conner could have a good game against these guys.