I like Norvell, Vennables and Gus

Probably in that order. Insiders, what would you say the % are that one of those three will be our next HC?

Any one of those 3 are fine with me!

JacksonReid has been pushing Norvell for a while and after I watched them sat he looks pretty good

I don’t know about his recruiting though

Norvell certainly gets tested Saturday vs. Frost and UCF…a rematch. First game, not so good.

His last class was the top rated outside of the Power 5 conferences. That means he recruited better than Scott Frost, Skip Holtz, Chad Morris, and any other coach that is not now in a Power 5 conference. So, pretty good recruiter considering that Memphis is not a glamorous football school.

And the City of Memphis, despite turning out a wealth of basketball talent, doesn’t seem to turn out quite as much football talent.

According to 247 composite UCF #55, Memphis #56 Top two non P5

ESPN has Houston 62, Memphis 64, UCF 68