I Like Mike

No buts forthcoming. I’m not going to bail on him now. I don’t think he was happy with how his team played last night. I suspect these guys are going to have some very tough practices. I think he is going to work the softness out of them. I’ll be in the arena Saturday night. I look forward to being there. I don’t get to see that many games. I still think we’re going to dance this year. I’m not Nostradamus or Jerry Bracketology. I could be wrong, but that’s what I think. We’ll see.

I like Mike too but he needs to make some changes like CBB. Rebounding has been a decades long issue for us. The decades long excuse about rebounding and the NR and MA style is getting old. We are playing more half court this year too, so that should allow for keeping players in rebounding position. There has to be some moderation of the scheme to insure that players are in position to rebound and which ones release for transition. We have the talent to rebound better. Florida, Minnesota, Misstake, Louisville, and Kentucky run fast yet seem able to run and rebound.

Moses is a defensive stud but he is trying to be an offensive stud when teams are gunning for the SEC POTY. It has been said in some circles that Moses needs to focus on Defense and let the offense come naturally to him. Moses has turnovers on offense and forced shots that are driving me crazy. He tries to dribble inside of 10 feet so he gets stripped most times. I think Moses needs a come to Jesus meeting :wink: about his offensive role. The guards need to be told to not force the ball into Moses if he isn’t in good position, so they need to get the ball to him in better positions.

I like Mike too, but I can’t stand how he doesn’t do any coaching during timeouts. Most always he stands around during the timeout until the last few seconds, then says something like " we need to rebound better" or something trivial like that. Also, you never see TJ or Scotty say a word to the players. Have they been told to keep their mouths shut? It was embarrassing to see those timeouts when he was miked up.

Part of the SEC and ESPN deal is that they can only shown the coaches in the positive light.

The parts where he (or any other coaches) rips into his team are not shown obviously.

His team did not play well last night, but all you would have to do is come to one practice to see the passion.

He doesn’t rant and rave continuously as Coach Richardson did, but he does get angry and he does instruct.

I did not get to see much of the first half because my 14-year-old boxer passed away, but I will go back and film review it

I have noticed that in lots of games. He and sometimes his assistants stand away from the players and talk for most of the TOs. Are the assistants not allowed to say (coach) anything to the players during the games or timeouts?

That’s how Nolan handled time outs also

Sorry, Dudley, to hear about your boxer. Thanks for your work.

I’d say that at least 80% of the college coaches huddle up and discuss strategy for 1/3 or 1/2 of the time out, then sit down and go over it with the players. It’s certainly not unusual. The worst thing that could happen is to have the HC and 3 assistants all trying to talk to the players at the same time.

What it comes down to is Mike Anderson has not settled on a defensive strategy for this team. They vacillate between focus on “touches” and concern for rebounding. They got more turnovers from Mississippi State but gave up too many rebounds and outside shots to justify it. Arkansas has been better this season - not great, but better - when it forced fewer TOs and emphasized defensive rebounding and perimeter defense.

Recruiting does not emphasize defense at all. Arkansas has not recruited quick guards. MA recruited himself a philosophy change, but he seems to be uncertain about which direction to go.

Randy do you think Glasper is quick? Can he give us some of that Arlyn Bowers quickness and tenacity on Defense, or is he just more of an undersized shooting guard? What about Garland? Does he have quickness?

He looks quick in his high school video. I hope he comes back from surgery in great shape. But he is a walk-on. A lot of people in line ahead of him.

Garland looks like a skilled big guard. He appears to have good speed and leaping ability. Would not call him super-quick. Quicker than others his size maybe.

The guards in the 2018 group, Desi Sills and Isaiah Joe, are a mix. Sills looks really quick, while Joe is taller and a bigtime outside shooter. That group also will being two more power forwards.

Joe is a ridiculously good shooter. He hit 10-12 threes on Little Rock Central. Not sure what kind of defenders the Northside guards are, because Cameron Johnson hit them for 25 points. But I’d like to know how many 30-point games Joe is going to put up before he finishes high school.

The 2017 recruiting class is very good, but the 2018 group could be a game-changer.