I like jimbo

His press conference was awesome. He will succeed at a and m. Maybe not a national championship but with their coaching and recruiting,just puts us further down on the sec West ladder . I was impressed. He knows what to do and how to get there

He is a major upgrade for their program and it’s anything but good for us…

They are paying top dollar for coach and assistants and expecting more.

We pay at lower end of conference and expect miracles.

agree wholehoggedly… Don’t expect much out of CCM except platitudes and pleas. CCM would have probably lost with Clemson vs aggies if he brought similar managment and calling.


If you believe the player which transferred out of ATM, Jimbo and his staff are a bunch of cheaters…including greatly abusing their allocated practice time.


I don’t like Jimbo or the aggies, matter of fact this morning I don’t like any coach anywhere and am not to happy with the one team I do like.