I like Gibson

on the OLine. You know you are going to get extra from a homegrown Ark kid.

You’re right. Arkansas has always done well when we’ve had OL youngsters from instate.

Certainly better than a Texas retread

It does not matter if a player played for Texas or in Texas High School. If they choose to be Hogs then we will love them. We need as many players as we can get from other states. We need the best from every state.

I also like him. I like he has become a starter. The Texas kid did alright when he came in for the injured Dane.

Always going for the home grown product!!

I am so happy for both Raulerson and Gibson. It has been discussed in the media that Raulerson is injured but trying to play through it, but I still don’t understand why so many people act like he isn’t talented? Raulerson needs to heal that ankle so he needed time off but Froholdt injury nixed that. Gibson has been a loyal walk on and truly talented player on this team for a couple of years. Gibson was good enough he should have been playing before now, but our coaches didn’t think so until now. Now Gibson is going to be someone we can count on for the rest of the season to start at Guard and will have a spring to lock down a spot for next year. Raulerson’s ankle injury is bad and won’t get better until he stays off of it for a few weeks.

Gipson earned a lot of playing time and is an upgrade in size and attitude. You have to admire the moxie of going to see CBB and telling him he’s ready to play… and he was.