I like Dustin Fry...

Talk about being dealt a bad hand… short on talent and numbers this bunch has improved tremendously from the start of the season. He was also smart to cross train so many guys.

If you’d told me we’d look like a competent SEC offense after what I witnessed the first three games I’d have disagreed with you. We were woeful up front and their improvement has allowed this offense to function fairly well - actually pretty darn well given the limitations at WR and QB/

Couldn’t agree more Jackson.

Gives us hope and that is all we have right now

I believe that man has had his share of long days on the job & sleepless nights.
When you’re that short on personell & talent plus a complete change in offense/scheme.

Yep, way better than his predecessor. Still waiting to see similar impressiveness in Oline recruiting–I sure hope that happens.