I like Clark, but he is no LB

In my fantasy world Zimos is still a football player and should have a chance to show why he was a 4-star recruit. MS has ball on our 2 yard line…we have Clark positioned in a LB-type role up close…he gets flattened by their RB. I like Clark as a safety, but he is too skinny for the role he was assigned on the goal line. Clark is skinny, Zimos is listed at 6’4" 232 lbs as a safety (former outside LB). If he had been in for that one play where vertical coverage skills are not really an issue, I bet he would have made the stop…they probably score anyway eventually, but still… So, I say Zimos in the line-up on goal line stands.

After they graduate, it really doesn’t matter how many stars they had in high school.

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Clark is a ball player, regardless of his physical skills. We need ball players.

Not many DBs hold up well against a 215-220 pound RB at the goal line.


Which is why I have a problem with the 3 man front and not just at the goal line. The RB’s get to the 2nd level easily and if you can’t tackle, there’s a mismatch. At least with a WR, you get a more even match up. #mustpressuretheQB

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I thought Clark looked good at safety. Very active all day. Could have (maybe should have) had a couple of interceptions. But then you can say that about others too. Just wasn’t in the cards. By the way, I do have one question that I haven’t seen yet. Why in the world when we won the toss, did we elect to defer.? I almost fell out when I heard them say that. Miss State did what they do almost every time in the first quarter and that is move down the field and score. Seemed to me we should have tried to at least get a few first downs and maybe even score instead of starting off playing behind. Maybe that’s just me.

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Clark is probably more suited for safety, than a corner. Hopefully we get Slusher back this week and let Clark continue at safety and move another to the sidelines. I’m dreaming, he’s been on the field for basically the past two years.

Can’t disagree with that statement, BUT, what I am saying is seems to me a 232 lb safety should have a better chance than a 182 lb safety (unless the 232 pounder has lost all desire for contact). And, again, I am advocating for the substitution only on certain goal-line occasions. Obviously, Zimos must have coverage issues for most pass situations.

I thought the same initially, but then decided Sam probably would have taken the ball if KJ was our healthy starter. However, it turned out to be the perfect thing to do. We scored a TD with just a minute left in the first half and our defense held MS St in the last minute+. We went into half time with some momentum and received the 2nd half kick off with an opportunity to cut the lead to 4 points.

However, we didn’t carry that momentum onto the field and looked pathetic and lethargic in our 3 and out.

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