I let my 3-year-old pick a bracket

We have a family pool and let Jack be part of it this year. Picking a bracket with a 3-year-old is an experience. Some highlights:

• Teams with the color orange got favorable treatment. The Midwest was a tough bracket for him because it included Illinois, Tennessee, Oklahoma State, Syracuse and Clemson.

• He likes to say the word “Ohio.” The Buckeyes and Bobcats have a good run in his bracket.

• Georgetown and Alabama go a long way, and you can thank his love for old country music. Georgetown sounds like George Strait, and he knows all the words to a couple of songs by Alabama.

• One seeds don’t mean much to him. If Gonzaga loses to Norfolk State, Jack called it.

• The Final Four wound up looking a lot like the College Football Playoff, with Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State. He picked Kansas to win the title.

• Mostly he was confused why he kept having to pick teams over and over. “I already picked them!” was a common phrase throughout.


I love it. That sounds like fun.

You can’t raise a True Blood Razorback without indoctrinating a deep sense of Orange disdain. Its a requirement! Orange is the color of evil.

In fairness, orange is also the color of Zuma in Paw Patrol.

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Since he likes old country. music give him a taste of Junior Brown. His song Highway Patrol is one of my favorites. He is also very talented on his guit-steel guitar. My best friend 6 year old grandson loves Junior.

I’ve told the story of posting a mock bracket with pure chalk (pick the lower seed in every game, then the higher ranked team in AP for the Final Four games) when I ran the bracket pool at the Gazette in 1991. If I had turned in that mock bracket, I would have won the entire pool. That’s almost as good as letting a 3-year-old pick it (my son was 8 months old at the time).

That’s the spirit. We are as excited as we were as kids on Christmas morning. Hog Nation will explode if we get to the Sweet Sixteen.

You have to make this time of year fun!
Kids are the most important part of our life! Our hogs just need to play well.
After last years wash out with Covid I’m going to enjoy this Dance!

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