I know we have a kicker

Signed for next year but do have anyone but Reed is terrible. When you can’t come close to a 21 yard FG that is not much more than an extra point you can’t be depended on.

Just don’t attempt another Field goal and after a TD just go for 2!

We have the worst special teams in college football. If not, name the worst? The field goal kicker is bad and the punter can’t break an eggshell with that foot.

First and goal from inside the 5 and don’t score a point? We need a running back who can get the tough inside yards inside the 10. I guess we don’'t have one. The play calling has been strange inside the 10 all year long.

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I’m 61 and I never tried a field goal in my life and I can kick a ball that pathetically

Same here except I’m 72. Most high school kickers can do better than that! Just pathetic!

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Not much return on the special teams coach. What’s the difference with or without compared to previous years?

Special teams coach can’t make or miss a field goal. That’s on the kicker.

Much better kick there though!

TV guys said they thought there was a problem with the hold on the missed chip shot, that Lindsey put the ball down too far back. Makes sense; as a golfer, I know I need the ball at the right place in my stance.

That’s what drives coaches nuts miss a chip shot and drills a 48 yarder!

We just switched back to Lindsey to hold again. May need some more practice together.

That very well could be the reason he was very accurate last year for Duke so I know he is very capable of kicking better than he has, that was a great kick on the 48-yarder which would have been good from 58.

I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t consider a field goal a gimme from that distance if the ball isn’t in the middle of the field. I’ve seen so many missed field goals from that distance when the ball is on the hashmark. It can be a tough angle to read. Reed’s miss wasn’t on the hashmark, but it wasn’t far from it.


Agree. Really good place to take a delay 5 yds. I think those are more difficult that the 40 yarders.

I heard Sam say in the PC when asked about why he let him kick from 40 + after a miss. Sam said because I have confidence in him and know what he can do. I told him so. That has a whole, whole lot to do with the turn around we are seeing.

Walk-on Matthew Phillips matched Reed, kick for kick, all camp long. Every competition was a push. Reed never beat him, but he is the player with the scholarship. It seems trite, even cruel, but you have a specialist committed in the 2021 recruiting class, and cannot send the signal that you won’t stick with your scholarship players. In my book, Phillips should have been given the first shot at coming out, and kick until HE misses one. 48- and 49-yarders are “gimmes” to elite teams. Only Nick Saban, amongst the elite, seems to struggle to have kickers who can routinely hit kicks out to 50 yards.

My 2 cents.

The back-up kicker is almost as popular as the back-up QB.

Have we had a good special team/kicking coach since Ken Turner?

Something for people to consider about special team in general and heaping blame on the coach. Not saying its not warranted just saying there might be other circumstances at play.

Take a good look at teams with really special “special teams”. I think you will find its also a team that has good team depth. Something we have not known at Arkansas in some time. When you have good depth you can play better players in that portion of the game. When you barely have enough depth for creating a starting team, you cannot afford to have them injured on a special teams situation.

Arkansas cannot afford to lose say a LB, CB, TE, WR, RB, etc, just to add some talent to a special team crew that needs it. We barely have enough players there for starters… its a chancy situation.
So we make do with “second” teamers mostly. I hate to label them that way, but it is what it is, and the results are what they are. But in this situation, I tend to understand. I don’t like it, but until we get depth, I doubt this will change.

Now I realize this does nothing to explain the kicking portion that was originally the starting point of this topic. All I can say there is kickers are… well kickers. Trying to understand whats going on there is like trying to argue with a woman. You can do it, but its only going to give you a headache and your not gonna get anywhere good when your done. It one of life great mysteries.

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