I know we can’t hire Petrino, but

Who on the board of possibilities would be better?

Everyone else the rumor mill has mentioned is better than he is! Oh course if for some insane reason they hire him look forward to a replay of these last weeks in 2 years! The ending he had at Louisville doesn’t help his case.

We will never hire him I agree.

Not even saying the thing to do.

As a coach who got us to a top 5 AP finish, I’m just curious who is out there on our possibilities we think is better.

I agree his tanking at Louisville does not help argument for him.

I’m all in with Bobby P…he was the last good coach we had. I see no valid reason to exclude him, a winner.

No one is better.

He took little old Arkansas to a BCS game. And he had a Heisman winner after Louisville re hired him.

Louisville couldn’t resist re-hiring him. Neither should we.

Bobby would have one down season. Mix in a little transfer portal and you’d really be cookin’. 8 wins his second year. 10 his third year. The availability of the transfer portal and new associated rules enhances Bobby’s attractiveness. He knows talent but doesn’t necessarily hit conventional recruiting that hard.

Read this: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/acc/2018/11/11/bobby-petrino-fired-louisville-2-8-season/1967640002/

Don’t care. Not at all convincing. You have your arguments, I have mine. Louisville isn’t Arkansas and vice versa.

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Have tried to justify the Petrino option.

Positives are: He might accept a more reasonable salary, agree to minimal or no buyout, compensation/buyout increases based on team performance & he already knows UofA & NWA.

Questions are: Could he stay out of trouble, could he not get UofA into trouble, would he not ride motorcycles, would he not ride motorcycles with UofA lady staff on the back, & would his wife return to UofA - being the scene of the crime?

No realistic option would be better. Go back and look at his game by game results at Arkansas - and the program and state was completely divided when he came it. He brought in a lot of NFL talent and made the Hogs great again. All the virtue signalers (which seem quite concentrated on this board) would also be happy because they would get to do what they are best at…

How exactly does location play into success… If your a great coach that 616.8 mile difference (Louisville/Fayetteville) shouldn’t matter correct.

Different AD, different recruiting base, different facilities, different conference, desire to atone for past mistakes, more appreciative fan base that wants to win. Could go on and on. It’s not mere geography. You know that.

Well, if we can consider Freeze as a viable candidate for our head coach, we damn sure need to give Petrino a second chance. The contract should set certain benchmarks and require some behavior standards. With the discounted pay rate for Petrino, a true top tier defensive coordinator and position coaches that are strong recruiters should be hired.

I would be surprised if he would work under such a restrictive contract. It all depends on how bad he wants to coach again. There is little doubt that he is a top play caller and QB coach. Nobody we can hire will be as good at offensive football.

The notion that he cannot recruit is not all true. The Millenials may not be comfortable with his toughness and demanding style, but they better get tough and get ready to win a lot of games ( conference wins too).

I know this scenario has little chance of happening. Before we hire an outlaw, remember that we never had the NCAA investigating Petrino. Yes, he is not warm and fuzzy, but he never had a fragile team. I certainly think that all the football since his firing has been crap and I am ready for some conference wins.

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Thought I might respond with something besides, “not happening.” Every day Bobby isn’t coaching is another removed from struggling to find decent coaches willing to work for him. He would struggle if he hadn’t sat out a year. He will struggle if given a job again this next year. It will take him winning big somewhere to convince others to sign on and give him a shot.

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If I wear this out, I apologize:

  1. lots of coaches who can get us competing for a bowl for 2021.
  2. a lot fewer coaches who can get us in the conversation for a bowl in 2020 (tougher, obviously, but we are talking more about a lot of competitive or winnable games).
  3. a rather small list of coaches who can do either #1 or #2 AND win the presser, turning the fanbase and team to his side early in the process.

I thought Morris whiffed on the “win the presser” metric. He never said anything (or coached a game) that made me think he was anything to be excited about. His only favorable impulses were the fact he could sell recruits on his vision. That is a narrow space, too narrow for my preferences.

I think all fans secretly want the coach that inspires them to buy tickets next year. Just like there will be a lot of folks who show up to WMS just to support Lunney and the players, we need something beside an emotional “thank you” to sell tickets for an entire season. For the health of the program we need some glitz to go with competitiveness.

Interesting quote from Bob Stoops today:"Well you never know what the Lord is going to bring you,” Stoops said.

"Everybody wants ya to define your life at every age. At 50, they wanted me to know what I was going to do the rest of my life. And at 55, and now at 59, everyone thinks you gotta…you know, who knows what I’ll be doing next year or the year after.

“You don’t know what you’re going to be doing next year. And the good Lord is the only one who knows. We’ll see where things end up for me.”

Now we’re talking write the big check. Call Jerry. Call Tyson. Call JB Hunt. Heck, Call Wal-Mart.
There’s your glitz.

I’m sure hunter is chomping at the bit for the opportunity to spend daily life working with Bobby P

This. No AD in his right mind is going to put himself through life with BP.

While we’re reviewing past glories, that Hitler guy made the trains run on time, too.

I would take Petrino but I would add one more negative to your list. Can (or will) he recruit defensive players.

On the positive side, my autographed Bobby Petrino cap would be valuable again.


Not sure if Petrino did not recruit defense or whether he just stole the best players on defense to bolster his offense. He could definitely develop QBs & usually had the offense overachieving. Not sure how good of an overall recruiter BP was.

Since HY is a stronger & more interactive AD than Long who was usually asleep at the wheel, less likely problems would repeat, but BP may not like that level of oversight. It would need to be a strong mutual understanding by both on the front-end.