I know uniforms don’t affect play

But I can’t help but notice that the team is returning to a “fightin’ razorbacks” look at the same time it’s returned to wearing uniforms that our such teams wore. They looked good last week & last night.

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My wife mentioned the same thing, she especially liked the two stripes on the jersey pants. They looked like Razorbacks from better days.

This team has football fight in them.
As mentioned on one of the broadcast from last night, it was a
slobberknocker full of physicality.

Loved the uniforms.

It was like we had Razorback football again like it’s supposed to be

I LOVE our uniforms! They look awesome!

I hope they never change them again!

Funny story…when Jeff Long was AD at Pitt, he got rid of their traditions too. He got rid of the “script Pitt” and wanted them to be branded as “Pittsburgh”. Changed their colors to gold and dark blue.

He did the same thing here. This is what I find hilarious…Jeff Long is at neither institution now and BOTH schools went back to their traditional uniforms. Pitt is back with their “script Pitt” and mustard yellow and blue colors, while the Hogs are back to their traditional uniforms as well.

Nice job Jeff Long. LOL!

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Agree…but have to point out that we wore the home version of those last season and it didn’t seem to have any positive effect.

Still, I love the unis and DO feel much more grounded in our tradition (that, sadly, many on here have only heard about but did not get to witness and participate in first hand, as we did back in the day) with those uniforms. If we never changed them while I’m still on the earth it would be great with me!

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The wheels for these uniforms were set in motion 24 months ago. I know that’s hard to believe but Nike does not move swiftly.

No matter when the decision was made, they look like Razorback uniforms & we played like Razorbacks while wearing them the past two weeks. I don’t want to change them. I hate anthracite or anthrax or whatever those gray uniforms are called.

The first thing I said was that uniforms don’t affect the quality of play. Regardless, they looked & played like Razorbacks last night. Like you, I remember the glory days of Razorback football & those uniforms were what we wore during the glory days.

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