I know this is pointless, but

I’ll try anyway.

Now that there’s an opening for UA HFC, we’ll spend the next day or two throwing names around and arguing about them. That’s great and fun and distracting. But it will get old. Then, we’ll worry that someone is “definitely” in or out, and we’ll argue about that. Eventually, we’ll start wringing our hands and worrying what’s taking so long, wondering if all the good coaches have backed out and if Arkansas will ever hire anyone every again.

This will start sometime Thursday.

When it does, everyone needs to take a breath. The regular season still has three weekends left. Then there are the championship games and the bowls. The likelihood of a hire before the first weekend in December is quite remote. Lots will happen in the interim.

There. I said it. Won’t do any good. But I said it. I feel better now.


:bell: :bell: :bell:

Dang, Loyd…you take all the fun out of a coaching search. We haven’t had any fun in 2 years…why in the &^$$ are you throwing a wet blanket on this process? This is exciting. More fun then watching what we have had to watch for 2 years.

It’s kind of like the old game show…The Dating Game, except we know who the participants are and what they look like on the other side. We are the picker and we know all the pickees. The question is can we charm our choice into coming with us.

Go get a shot of Black Jack and come back when you are in a better mood.

Hmmm, Loyd. You sure seem to be talking like someone who has been around the board & coaching searches before.:slightly_smiling_face: