I know this is a Football Board

But I really really really dislike losing to LSU in any sport

It’s very annoying because I think Arkansas is better than them - all they have is Jimmys and Joes and beyound that … they are comical

Their colors clash - hear they always want to wear White

Many of Their fans are great till they get liqured up

A large number of thief fans are obnioxius without liquor - geeze I always seem to find them - the obnoxious ones

This programs is crooked enough they need a special council to investigate

They can cook but Lordy that’s about the only positive

I dislike Losing to LSU like no other team in the SEC my hate meter goes

  1. Texass (spit)

  2. LSU (Spit)

  3. Auburn because of Gus

  4. Florida because they cheaters and the refs save them

  5. Tex A&M because they are supposed to lose to us and we have been too incompetent to beat them

  6. Ole Miss - because they are arrorgant

  7. UGA because they are SEC Royality

  8. MSU because they are good and win like Ark should +1-2 games over them because We are Arkansas

  9. Mizzou because we got put with this ugly step sister because the SEC made us and it telegraphys how poorly the SEC thinks of us - what makes it worse we are now playing down to Mizzou - if the nation puts Ark on the same level as Mizzou the program is dead and will never be more than a regional oddity

  10. UT - don’t really hate them except for 1998 but it’s hard to kick even this ugly dog when it’s blind, got three legs, mange, intestinal worms and fleas galore - so it’s hard to hate UT

  11. Bama - I really don’t hate them - I respect them for what Saban has done - they are the bar we have to teach

  12. Tie UK and Vandy

Ul has the edge - UK fans we’re horrid and drunk when they beat us our last trip to Commonwealth Statium - you would think they just won the SEC in football - of course they had to quote the B.B. series record too

Vandy - I respect them they are always good early in - you want to play Bandy late when all the players have been broken and hobbled

Forgive the rant

I hate LSU too

Fans got too cocky when they started winning under Saban

And going to a game there is like taking your life in your own hands

Early on Orville Henry spoke of the LSU fans throwing beer on children of opposing teams

I enjoy beating LSU more than any other program

Plus LSU looks at us like we look at Mizzou

They see Arkansas as beneath them

They do have a point like us with Mizzou

If LSU beats Ark they should have because of all that takent

If LSU loses to Arkansas they are deminished - just like Stk is with Mizzou

Fact if the matter Arkansas needs LSU because beating LSU speaks to the level of the orchard gram nationally

We need to keep LSU hating us and beat them

Our connections with Mizzou are simply the SEC’s pacifier to let the two little kids in the corner fight it out and no one - absolutely no one cares about Ark vs Mizzou just like no one cared about Mizzou vs Kansas

But Arkansas vs LSU means something for its cascading effect across the nation for bowl games etc

Even this baseball game this weekend has potential national seading impacts

Arkansas vs LSU means something

Arkansas vs Mizzou means nothing

LSU fans say we are not a rivial - ok then why does Tiger Bait call Bo Show to gloat all the time?

Just like the LSU Fans I know in Kentucky

I went to an LSU game in the late nineties with another couple and watched half of dozen LSU fans push a portable poti over with a Hog fan in and we had batteries thrown at us after the game… won’t go near that campus ever again. They eat those corndogs with possum meat and it gives them the strength to be cowards because they outnumber you 40 to 1.