I know this has been beat like a dead horse, but

There are those that think there is a bias against the hogs in the SEC and those that throw poo poo on that idea and call us conspiracy nuts.

I’ve always been a bit in the middle, but today I fall on the nut side.

I noticed from the Sec Web site that the moment Alabama Basketball clinched the regular season title, they were front page news.

I noticed the moment Florida softball caught up and tied the Razorbacks, they were declared SEC champions on the front page with nary a mention of the Razorbacks, even though in reality they were CO-Champions. Florida just got the nod for seeding purposes due to a tie-breaker.

My point being when a team wins a championship it tends to within a few hours be front page news and talk of the town on the SEC site.

Last night the Razorback baseball team won 10 straight series, won the division, and won the regular season championship and nothing but crickets at the SEC web sight besides some small blurbs on its sidebar twitter scroll.

Sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I don’t. Today I do and I’m more Almond Joy than I am Mounds. Where are the Hog articles? Why are we not front page news?


Last year’s football schedule convinced me someone in the SEC office hates Arkansas, so far be it from me to defend them.

But I wonder if the website wasn’t updated quickly because the game ended around midnight. They did get some tweets out pretty quickly at least.

I was ticked when SEC Now came on after the game and just talked about earlier softball results. Then it occurred to me that it wasn’t live because of the late time…Now had it been Alabama, I’m sure the SEC would’ve had Dari hooked up to an adrenaline IV drip so he could go live until the morning crew arrived.

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They had half the day so far… and nothing.

Ok I take it back. They hate us. I didn’t realize it still wasn’t updated. Not sure why I even wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Big name programs with larger fan bases, deeper pockets, & SEC history (such a AL, LSU, GA, TN, & FL) usually get the headline news while newcomer teams like AR or MO remain a footnote. We are highly competitive (nationally & SEC) in most sports, except football. When CSP makes football competitive for an extended period of time & perhaps a contender, expect that recognition of the Hog success in other sports will follow.

I’ve had it with the SEC Network’s baseball crews. When I’m watching games we are not involved in, you’d think we don’t even play in the SEC. No love at all.

Just from a production standpoint (especially since the great Kyle Peterson was on the call), I was amazed at how little they talked last night about the fact that if we won we clinched the SEC overall.

It seemed like they spent more time talking about the LSU relegation battle. Weird.

They didn’t talk about it much because we never had the lead. Dave Neal finally brought it up with the score tied and Welch batting.

Also, it didn’t become a reality until the Vols lost. We could have clinched the 1 seed but not the overall title last night if Tennessee had won.

We will never get the respect the old SEC school’s do.

I realize (even if it was a touch sarcastic) that SWEETCHILDOFSWINE was making a good point that maybe they did not have time to do it yet.

Well, in rebuttal, they have now had 5-6 more articles posted on the site. Even one of then celebrating Florida softball getting its 9th regional win in a row. They also had time to put up the SEC Baseball Tourney Bracket, completely filled out with teams dates and times.

And still… No Mention of the Baseball Hogs.

That’s weird, because they put out several tweets and FB posts after the game. Those posts were all about the Hogs.

I should have been paying attention when both the Mens and Womens track teams won triple crowns to see how that was handled but I did not.

Still I really beginning to think as far as PR from the SEC on its sites, we are not considered important news. Yes I see some information via the small sidebar twitter, but thats about it.

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