I know this goes without saying

and I know they will do it right but I hope they are cautious with Ty Storey. He was very woozy after the hit that knocked him out of the game and in fact went back to the turf after walking a few feet. I assume he is in some type of concussion protocol. I know he is tough and really, really wants to play but this is nothing to mess with. They will, I’m sure, be cautious. In 20-30 years Ty will be thankful they did.

he took some serious hits for sure and he landed VERY hard on that hard turf so I just hope he will be ok.I love his atttiude but sometimes better be safe to live to play another play.He’s starting to play well and we will need him or somebody to provide a passing game spark.

He will not play unless he gets medical clearance.

It’s pass/fail.

No degrees of.

I would be surprised if he does play.

I looked into the Razorbacks’ concussion policy several years ago when Tyler Wilson was knocked out of the ULM game in Little Rock. The decision to let a player come back is solely up to a specialist and cannot be challenged by the player or the coaching staff. Assuming he is in concussion protocol, if he isn’t medically cleared, he will not play.

That is the way it should be

Thanks. I never knew this. Glad to hear we do it right. Is there an NCAA rule on concussion protocols I wonder, or do they allow schools to do their own thing.