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First off, hell of a game and maybe one of my all time favorite. Not that old so to me, this was great! We have to improve on KOR and find a kicker that can kick it the distance. That was a problem but my question is on Whaley? Why only run him twice in each of last 2 games? If he isn’t ready to play then redshirt him. Don’t waste a year but using him twice a game. Wanted some other people’s thoughts and opinions on this that know more than me? Now I can sleep good tonight!! So pumped!

Still 11 games left. Gonna need him at some point.

If he is as good as we think he is then he will be gone after 3 years. Play him now.

Rwill is getting it done & kudos he’s the

Come back KID!

We will see more & more of Whaley likely next week

I wondered about Whaley, too. In fact, I wasn’t aware he played at all. However, there’s no need to RS him. He’ll be gone after 3 years. I have no doubt we’ll see a lot of him this year.

We’re gonna ride the hot back, and tonight that was clearly RWill. Whaley is what he is – the #3 TB right now. He’ll go in to give somebody a break. I suspect as the season goes on, his productivity and thus the number of touches will both increase. I agree that at some point we’ll need him. Kody will get dinged, or RWill will get dinged, and he’ll have to produce. So far, 4 carries for 8 yards in two games. That’s not going to do much to induce Enos to use him a lot more.

And, by the way, so far I’ve seen nothing to suggest that he’s a three-and-done guy. The light is going to have to come on bigtime for that to happen. Still 30-odd games to play between now and then though. Maybe it will come on very soon. But I saw a lot more out of Budda in his first two games than I have DW. Budda gained 131 yards in his first game and 172 in his second, putting him 295 yards ahead of Whaley.

Williams was outstanding in 28 tough carries. He, nor any other RB on the planet, will stay healthy all season carrying that much of a load on a weekly basis. Enos has to settle on another back.

Williams was outstanding in 28 tough carries. He, nor any other RB on the planet, will stay healthy all season carrying that much of a load on a weekly basis. Enos has to settle on another back.

Don’t mean to knock Kody, he has been a team player and a hard worker. But in 6 years has he ever broken a tackle? Unfortunately the first guy that hits him almost always gets him on the ground. He reminds me of the old line, if you have to have 3 yards he’ll get you 3 yards, and if you have to have 6 yards he’ll get you 3 yards. Again, hate to knock the guy, but think it’s time to see the freshmen, either Whaley or Hammonds.

He’s broken a lot of tackles. I can think of several big runs he’s made where he was hit at the line, bounced off and got 20 or 25. KW isn’t fast enough for that 20-25 to become 50-60, but he does break tackles.

Remember, Devwah is still learning the blocking schemes. He needs to be dependable as a blocking back in addition to running the ball. I would suspect that he will get some carries next week.

The Offensive Line is having so much trouble with run/blitz that RWIII is having to be spelled by THE ONLY RB that knows the pass blocking schemes exactly.

Unfortunately unlike 95% of the rest of the SEC who had cupcakes scheduled this week (barring Tennessee) Arkansas coaches are having to rely heavily on the RB’s to assist with missed assignments (much improved this week)

Now I suspect if Arkansas put’s the upcoming game vs Texas St. away by halftime… RWIII will sit which leaves Whaley & Kody and by the 4th you may see the all backups on both sides unless the D is preserving a shutout.

Arkansas gave up 500+ yrds tonight next Saturday should offset that explosion and may hold the next opponent to under 250 (balance itself out.

 Maybe your memory is better than mine, don't have time to go back and check 6 years of video, but if it happened I don't remember it.  Just as an example, I flipped back thru the replay tonight, I  count 8 carries and zero broken tackles for Mr. Walker.  Again, I hate to knock the kid, he seems to be a hard worker, all about the team, and never been in any trouble.  He really reminds me of Brodrick Greene.  Hope he gets (or has) his degree and goes on to have a great life, but would really rather see those 8 carries go to one of the freshmen.

If the freshmen deserved those carries they would be getting them. Budda got plenty of them as a freshman. Whaley hasn’t. Hammonds hasn’t touched the ball at all. In fact, he hasn’t played at all. That tells me they aren’t ready for prime time. I’m smelling a redshirt for Hammonds unless the light comes on or some people get hurt. Either one of which could happen.

Kody Walker breaking tackles


Hopefully if all goes right next weekend Devwah, Duwop and TJ Hammonds will all get some playing time. And like someone else said as the season goes on Devwah will get more carries. I would think by the end of the year he can be someone that can get 7-10 carries a game and give Rawleigh a break but still give the D a threat of breaking a big run.

I’d bet Devwah gets 10-15 carries against Texas State. Could be his breakout game that gets him in the rotation a bit more. I’d be shocked if he had less than 5-6 carries and think he’s a good bet to get double-digits. I’d like to see some T.J. Hammonds next week, too.

Beat me to it haha

Doubt we can hold Texas State under 250 yards. They have a QB who throws the ball around the field. Passed for over 400 yards in the first game.

However, I would hope we win the game comfortably unless we overlook them.

Thanks for the info. I was just listening to the hype all camp and was looking forward to seeing him bust on the secne kind of like Alex. I know it’s early but was hoping he could be RW3 side kick like JWill and AC. I believe it still comes to fruition before season end. I was just worried about the pounding RW3 is taking and they need him to step up to take some of that load. Like I said, absolutely an amazing game and I couldn’t be prouder to be a Hog! 2-0 sounds so good for so reason. Call me crazy, call me what you want, but I see us 5-0 facing bama at home for the chance to have a special season. Keep the faith and take it game at a time. Woo pig!

I think we’ll see some DW next week too. I agree completely about it also being more about knowing the offense and blocking than running the ball. The right side of the line just seems lost at times. Colton Jackson is going to be a good one before it’s over but he’s getting picked on pretty bad. It will gel. TCU’s line was undersized but very quick.