I know the kid from DB got the MVP

But for my money, it would have gone to HK or Gates. HK came up wiht some big hits & had that game saving catch, but Gates was money at first & had several huge hits. He’s had a great tourney

Devlin G. was a nightmare for every team in the tournament. He hit .700; he accounted for all three of their runs against us in the final (scored two, drove in another). If not for Kjestad’s heroics, we’d be trying to figure out how to get him out again tonight. Other than the USM stud starter, no one could.

On the other hand, we got all-star performances from Knight, Murphy, Kjesrstad, Gates, Shaddy, Fletcher, Reindl and Cronin.

Devlin deserved MVP. Our team deserved to win the regional.

YUP. Not even close for MVP. Without DG DB loses two straight.

Oh, I understand his numbers, but Gates was great defensively, base running, & at the plate.

As good as Devlin was at the plate, he didn’t really do anything against Sandlin. And his team lost two games.

Regardless, I understand what y’all are saying, but without Devlin, DB is still out of the tournament. Without Gates, I’m not sure we would have advanced. At least not yet

deserved it and would make a great St. Louis Cardinal.

Granberg was almost unanimous. I heard someone argue for Kacey Murphy. What he did against a potent Southern Miss lineup was pretty incredible, but then the DB starter did that again Sunday afternoon.

Granberg was the only hitter to light up Nick Sandlin. He went 3 for 4 and the out was a hard liner at the third basemen. He struck out once and one pop up. But almost all of his outs were hard hit balls. Walking him was not a bad idea.

Van Horn said he’s a righthanded hitting Wade Boggs. He said he will have to adjust to wood bats, but predicted he’ll hit his way to the major leagues.

Granberg was the most impressive hitter I’ve seen in several years. He’s older than Andrew Benintendi. So he’s more physically developed than Beintendi was as a sophomore two years ago.

Benintendi is probably a better fielder and runs better. But I was really impressed by Granberg.

I would have voted for Granberg. He was most impressive.

no brainer IMO best hitter I have seen in a long time…takes the ball where its pitch and hits it hard!!

I don’t doubt Granville deserved it despite not being on the winning team. (I didn’t realize how well he hit Sandlin.) I’m sure part of it is my bias for Razorbacks, but Gates did so much at places other than at the plate. Also, he improved most from regular season to post season.

He was 2-3 against Sandlin. 12-17 in the tournament with one of those 5 outs being the HR Kjerstad robbed and another an RBI grounder to 2B with a runner on 3rd and 1 out. Kronin was striking out everyone and he laced one off the wall oppo. He hit .440 for the season. He was an excellent player and deserved MVP.

If this were youth travel ball we could pick him up now.

Yeah. Imagine his bat in our already potent lineup. We might bat around in every inning.

I went back and forth whether to vote from Granberg, but in the end I didn’t think being on a winning team should disqualify him. I use the same thinking when I vote for the Heisman; I don’t think it has to be a great player on a great team.

Here was my ballot for the regional. It differed a little from the winners:

P - Jake Reindl, Arkansas
P - Kacey Murphy, Arkansas
C - Riley Keizor, Oral Roberts
1B - Jared Gates, Arkansas
2B - Carson Shaddy, Arkansas
3B - Casey Martin, Arkansas
SS - Jimmy Glowenke, Dallas Baptist
OF - Devlin Granberg, Dallas Baptist
OF - Heston Kjerstad, Arkansas
OF - Matthew Guidry, Southern Miss
DH - Daniel Keating, Southern Miss