I know Pearl is a low-down cheating scoundrel

But I wanted to give him a shout out as he is the only Coach (that I’m aware of) out of he, Calipari and Barns that had the guts to show his face to the national media after getting an a$$ whuppin in the tournament. Something to be said for taking it like a man, and not being a crybaby like the other 2

Yep and John “I do less with more” Calapari is feeling a little heat and he cannot quit apologizing for the St. Peter loss. WPS

At some point don’t be folks will realize just how phony Greaseball is. He cares about himself and nothing else. Big blue nation don’t make the Sweet 16 but our hogs did! As for Lying Bruce I hope in the next few weeks Auburn gets their package from the IARP and Pearl get fired! Karma is all I want to see happen to him! What he deserves is to be out of coaching. Away from young men
He better enjoy the camera while he is able to get the attention. You sure don’t see Slick Will Wade the gangster on TV or anyone praise him! The same treatment is waiting on Pearl.

I personally do not like any coach who publicly throws his players under the bus as I have heard him do on several occasions. WPS

Is there an IARP case open on Auburn? The attached article (April 2021) didn’t list them as 1 of 6 cases

I believe they fired a coach and took a 1-year ban from post season already.

Please don’t use the term greaseball to refer to people. It’s border-line racist.

I have never used the term greaseball. Improve your reading skills before you bash someone

Sorry, I didn’t mean to respond to your post. And I don’t think I bashed anyone; I politely made a request.

Then you should direct your comment to the one who said it, not to me. You make no sense

Oh, I see what you mean. Sorry about that. I must have clicked on the wrong “Reply” box. No offense intended sir (or anyone, just a request).

Correct. It’s possible that the NCAA will do something else (i.e, decide the self-imposed penalties are inadequate), but they have not been referred to IARP, unlike two of the last 16 teams remaining.

What gripes me is that Chuck Person received a prison sentence for infractions while working for Pearl. And miraculously Pearl was Snow White clean. I suppose it’s possible………nah….not possible at all.


Person was convicted of taking bribes to steer athletes to agents and financial advisors. It is theoretically possible that Pearl didn’t know Chuckie was slipping money into his pocket. However, the HC is deemed to be responsible for what his assistants are doing.

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