I know of one ESPN 300 prospect

that would be thrilled if Lane Kiffin was hired.


What position does he play?

Does it matter? We need an upgrade at all positions, but WR

You don’t think we need upgrades at WR? Lol come on

So you think Knox and Burks aren’t good?

I think Burks is incredible. I think Knox is a red zone WR, which we need. He has shown an inability to get open the entire second half of the season. It’s either his lack of speed off the line or he’s not getting any coaching from Stepp. The problem is, after those two there isn’t much. Woods is very average. I will admit we have bigger needs than WR but we need more talent at every position on the field.

On Knox, I said that earlier in the year. I think it’s bad coaching. I haven’t seen any of our guys run what I consider to be crisp routes. A crisp route can actually give you separation. I see no fakes, but with our line neither the QB or WR’s have time to make fakes.

I have no arguments there. Even Drew Morgan chimed in on twitter about Knox’s routes in practice.

I don’t think Knox is back to 100% physically. He looks a step slow from the way he looked early in the season. He’s going to be a great wr before he leaves here. Our new coach will be ecstatic to have him next season.

I 100% agree

My guess is RD was talking about Criswell. I think RD might know a little something on this search!