I know Muss puts out smoke and mirrors for portal contact but

that being said…Do we need to offer anyone that doesn’t shoot 75% from the line and at least 35% from three at this point?

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I agree and have full confidence he won’t have another non-shooting or scoring team again.


We know that Muss casts a wide net early in the portal process. We also still have some TBDs among the bigs on the current roster as to who will be back. If the twins are not on next year’s roster I would imagine maybe up to three center/power forward types will be on the shopping list- and very few of those guys check those shooting boxes.

Yes, he will get some shooters/high FT % guys, but my guess is that he will likely bring in at least one guard that is an average shooter but a really good defender against quick guards. We’ve got lots of guys with length/fast hands/really good athletic ability on the perimeter on the roster, but quicker guards have given us lots of problems all year.

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