I know many of you may not agree with this post

…but this is the way I feel.

Last year, we over-achieved. We had a good team with some weaknesses, but for the most part, the ball bounced our way more than it didn’t (Ole Miss was one that didn’t). We probably were a 6-7 win team that won 8 and then won a Bowl.

Good for us.

This team lost some talent (to LSU) in the secondary, which was mediocre to begin with, and then has had a rash of injuries there. The result is that we are absolutely terrible defending the pass. Because of THAT, we almost HAVE to play the rope-a-dope “double cloud”, which means a 3 man rush. If we try to play man, we have guys running free down the field several times a game. If we play a four man front, or blitz, we’d damn well better get there or the other team’s band is gonna be playing.

So, it’s pick your poison.

Plus, this year the bounces are NOT going our way. Tipped balls land just out of the reach of our defenders trying to intercept them. Or, in the hands of opposition receivers. What should be penalties against the other team are not called, and questionable ones that could go either way against us ARE called. The other team fumbles the ball, but it goes out of bounces or they recover it back.
And then our QB gets hurt.

Now, it’s not all bad luck. We’ve not played well in stretches. And we have some holes (but almost every one but Bama and Ohio State does). But sometimes, it’s just “one of those times” when everything seems to go wrong.

The thing I’m looking at? We’re still, as a team, playing very hard. It would have been easy for this team to throw in the towel and lose 63-7 today. As it was, they were a couple of fourth down conversions (that’s another story for a different thread) from making this game very, very interesting. Against a hot team playing at home.

As Nolan famously used to say, “All sickness is not death”. Sure, our fans are upset now. Many of them (unrealistically) thought that because we finished with 9 wins last season, it was “logical” to expect 10 this year. IMO, those expectations were never reasonable, but that doesn’t stop fans from being fans (which is their right, by the way).

Heck, I’M not happy. But taking a longer look type of approach, I’m far from hitting the panic button. The pendulum of luck and injuries will balance out in the long run. Maybe not so much this year, but I think our trajectory is still fine. Especially if KJ comes back next year (and is fully healthy).

I have not read one thread (after the game) yet…and I probably won’t until tomorrow. I know what’s in many of them. Fire the coordinators. Play different players. Etc. Knee-jerk reactions and suggestions that just amount to venting because they are disappointed. People need to chill out just a bit and realize that we were NEVER going to compete (truly compete) with Alabama for the SEC west this quickly, given the Sh*t-show Sam inherited from you-know-who. It is a 5 year plan, and we’ve got 2 1/2 years left.

Will we get there by then (not necessarily win the West, but be in position to win late in the season)? Time will tell.

NOTE: I’m NOT saying people don’t have every right to be disappointed and/or to vent their frustrations. Or, to make suggestions. But I’d say unless they are truly thought-out and not knee-jerk comments that have no level of common sense attached to them, they are a waste of everyone’s time, including the poster. But go ahead an post them, if you must.

Me? I’ll be in front of the tube with my Hog-calling buddies next Saturday afternoon, hoping for the best but realizing that we are not at the point where we can overcome a bunch of injuries to key positions.


As fans we only see the games . The team is giving it their best given injuries and players trying to play hurt. The schedule is not our friend right now. Results are not what we want but we have to play these cards for now. Hopefully the coaches can get some other players ready to compete. SEC is hard with all your players and nearly impossible without them.

Good post, Wiz. The injuries in the secondary this year have been a killer. Arkansas was down what I consider to be five front-line defensive backs by halftime today if you count Jalen Catalon and LaDarrius Bishop. There are not many defenses that will overcome that.

I don’t like to watch a defense rush three over and over, but I understand why Arkansas went with it given the personnel on both sides.


Brutal schedule, injuries to key players, holes in our depth chart, missed opportunities and bad bounces are a pretty sure recipe to disappointment, but no reason for us fans to give up.


The schedule hasn’t allowed for the starters to be off the field. The Missouri State game was the one opportunity. That takes a toll. No other so-called breathers left.

It seems like every win last year had a ball bounce our way. This year, we’ve not had that. Brutal flip of the switch, in fact.


Injuries happen. Every team has them. Some more than others. The thing with our team, we lose a CB, or Safety, Linebacker, Lineman, etc, it usually means the team is in dire straights. We’ve been told for years by pundits, officials, administrators, and coaches that they are aware of the depth problem and are working to correct it. It’s been over a decade now. Still our depth is awful. While has this problem persisted? Why no real player development so we could have depth. Manu of us are still waiting for answers.

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Because he have had five different head coaches over roughly a decade.

We have to let Sam recruit us out of this


Plus it is easier than ever for players to leave for greener pastures when they aren’t starting. It I has never been easy to build depth, and even harder in the age of no-penalty transfers.


Wiz…I shared this on my FB page. If not ok, let me know and I will delete it. You said what I feel, but muuuuuch better! gOhOgSgO!!!

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Yes. The Portal is a dual edge sword. But good coaches adapt to it. Look at Muss and the players he’s brought in via the portal. I believe Sam can do the same. There are quality players out there looking for more playing time. This staff needs to hit the portal hard and get some of those players. But plaer development can’t be blamed on the portal. that’s all coaching. That needs to be addressed.

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What happened to your rule about not posting right after a game? :smiley:

Very disappointed & frustrated, but not ready to throw in the towel. Thank you for your post as it was spot on, no doubt you put a lot thought into your post, good job. WPS


My only frustration is with the oline. Well, I thought we had a veteran oline, but when we need a yard, the oline failed to perform.


Wiz i totally agree. I posted this at halftime today on the game thread. Still feel the same way. Its similar to yours:

I won’t be posting on this thread for the rest of the game. And allow me to say some of the posters on this thread I typically really enjoy.

That said, I am very much bothered by insinuations, or outright declarations that we are not playing with effort. That Pittman is on the verge of losing the team. Those comments are so reflective of our overall society. Radioactive anger at anything that is not going the way you want.

Here is the reality.

Defensively, after playing cover cloud for every season Odom has been here, the decision was made to bring more heat in the pass rush. And, therefore, play more man. That decision was praised and cheered and hailed on this and every other board I read. But then we lose Catalon. Then we lose Slusher. And DayDay. Cat and Slush were critical to this new philosophy. Once they were out, we just couldn’t cover man to man. Nor have a safety to make save-the-day plays when we need him.

Wanna blame the coaching staff for being slow to change? Fine. But it’s not a matter of effort.
Today we have gotten our hands on 3–4 balls that coulda-shoulda been intercepted. A Greg Brooks or a Cat or a Slush probably makes those INTs. If you are gonna play zone, you gotta break and make INT’s. That is just the way it works.

Offensively, I don’t watch practice. I don’t know why or how Cade beat out Malik. It’s obvious now which one moves the team better. BUT…once I understood that KJ wasn’t gonna play, I told all of my friends “we are beat.” KJ is that important to this team. Maybe he shouldn’t be. But he is.

Did anyone actually think we would march into Miss. State and beat them without KJ? I sure didn’t.

OK…I said my say. Y’all have at it. But I see no evidence kids are not playing hard. I saw lots of that under Chad. Let’s all remember what Pitt has done since he came. We all got spoiled last year. Things turned around faster than they had any right to. But this is still a REBUILD. Pittman deserves better fro our fans. Way better. And so do the kids.

See y’all on the board. In a few days. Go Hogs. Forever.


I’m afraid I’m gonna hafta whiz on that post Wiz! Nah just kidding. Couldn’t agree more. Last year was truly an outlier. No way were we going to be that fortunate two years in a row. Still think we can have a winning season. As long as we win next week.

Absolutely OK with me, if that’s what you want to do.

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I generally don’t, but to be more specific, that “rule” is to keep from spewing things I’ll regret in the heat of the moment. Before I posted this, I had clarity that there would be no regret to this one.

And I felt it was “important” for this kind of post to be out there with all of the negativity I know others will be posting.

Any other questions?


When the defense is stacked against the run & we run right into their strength that 1 yard becomes very difficult. We ran a perfect play against it but Malik had the ball sail 5 yards past the open receiver. On another play, if he pulls the ball from the RB he walks into the end zone. I’m not knocking Malik here, considering what he did overall was a godsend. The kid has talent, but he can’t take the hits KJ does. We saw that quickly.

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To give you a better understanding of about wizey read this…


OK I deleted it, LOL