I know many don't believe in "moral victories" but

In this case, I do. I didn’t dream we could play them within 7, be in the game in the 4th quarter.


Didn’t you pick like 55-10 Bama in the score prediction thread?

Yeo, I sure did. Didn’t dream we could stay on the field with them.

Lee Hedrick and crew did their best to prevent it, but we just kept coming at them.


We played our guts out. The defense just can’t handle those superb receivers, but we gave everything we had. We play so hard every week…I don’t know how those boys do it.


I’m simply grateful - I actually think that Arkansas could of won this If only they had played a clean game - even with the obvious ref and review booth problems

Arkansas could of won except they had some bad mistakes - If the back judge had been calling pass interference as he should of - the game would of had significant chnages in out come

Still Arkansas had a chance down to its final possession - I’m very happy - I thought this team only had 6 wins in them - well beat Mizzou and there is 8 wins! What’s not to Love ?

I expected to lose by just about the 21 point spread. However, I thought we had a better chance than we’ve had in years. I just hoped we’d be within a score in the 4th qtr. and therefore with a chance to win. We certainly did that. We are nearly as good as Bama. Haven’t been able to say that since 2011.

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