I know it's tournament time.

I watched Northeastern and Charleston tonight and had the chance to see one sided call in the last minute to steal the game for Charleston.
With under a minute Charleston had a guard drive and clearly use his arm to push off to get to the lane and then he was able to drive make a basket and draw a foul where he jumped into the defender! That cut the lead to 2. The clock was down to 15 seconds and a walk was called on Northeastern where a guard was in a trap and clearly the cylinder rule don’t apply here and he passed the ball before he walked but he had been fouled. Charleston get the ball tie game and overtime belongs to the favorite Charleston.
Yes it that time of year and I hate to see poor officials making calls like this. Under 2 minutes use the review and get the call right period.
And by the way on 2 separate drive by Northeastern both plays were reviewed giving the ball to Charleston in the final minute. On one of those plays the hack that got the ball to deflect off the knee of the Northeastern guard went straight through both arms. What a joke for refs making the difference in the outcome of a game!