I know it’s Wikipedia but... Barry Odom

Is listed as Arkansas Defensive Coordinator in the “current position” section. Haven’t seen this anywhere official. Maybe I missed it.

Again, I know it’s Wikipedia and thus not iron clad truth, but still strange.

Would be awesome.

But I doubt our U would pay for a top one like this.

They don’t have too…Missouri has to offset any pay difference so I doesn’t matter where he lands…

He is a good coach and defense is his background. Hope he comes.

This is a real possibility if someone does not go after him as head coach.

This is exactly the kind of coordinator that Sam needs. Apparently a good friend with head coaching experience and a great defensive coordinator in the spread age, which is not easy to find. Hope we get him for a few years before he goes back to head coaching.

Also heard either Rich Rod, Lashlee, or Colorado OC were all being mentioned as possible candidates for our OC position.

Any of those could go a long way in keeping some of Chad’s recruits and commits.


exactly what we need and CSP needs, would be a home run DC hire.