I know it’s early, but basketball recruiting questions for RD/DD

His “garbage points late”, were 9 of 10 free throws, and 4 assists late to Notae and others that kept us in the game until the last 10 seconds. In the last couple minutes, we cut the lead to one, two and 3 points on 3 occasions. Yeah, in the game he had 4 TOs, but also 7 assists. Notae had 5 TOs and only 3 assists, but a ton of points. I sure wouldn’t blame Notae for the loss. Why blame Devo when he more than made up for those early TOs.

If you can’t recognize Devo’s improvement in the last 2 SEC games, after that God-Awful, head scratching Vandy game, then you’re just not wanting to see it. He only got 8 minutes in the Vandy game, thank goodness. There’s a reason Muss gave him big minutes in these last 2 games.

I don’t know if Devo is, or will be “the answer” at PG this season. I said, if he continues to play at the level of those games, he could be what Muss is looking for in a Tate-like facilitator.

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Plus, he’s only a sophomore. Devo hasn’t played up to the hype this year, but he seems to have handled his demotion well. I still love the kid, and I think he can help us. He just needs to stop dribbling so much, and move the ball. Just needs to slow down a bit, but he always plays hard. I would hate to lose him…or KK.

Don’t feel bad about what Notorious says to you, Harley. He’s a condescending know-it-all, and we ALL know it. His favorite way to belittle you is with a “mercy.” He’s done it to me, and I don’t give a rat’s a$$. I personally prefer your positive attitude. As an aside, I almost busted a gut laughing when you said Devo was, “either sick or drunk” against Vandy…still chuckling over that one.


Harley, are you “Embarrassed?” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t know whether he will become a PG, but you are correct, we definitely need him.

Down the stretch last year, he might have been our MVP.

Like you said, he was fantastic against MO.

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If you think Devo played on of the worst Razorback games ever than you haven’t watched many games.

Step Welsh would make you become an Ole Miss fan.


:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


I’ve watched 90% of the games the last 30 years and I stand by it—especially the ration of minutes played to bad play. He turned it over most of the time he touched it and his defense was awful.

But I agree the Stan Heath and Pelphrey eras were really rough.

I’m 541/2 years old and I’ve been watching since I was born. Devo is the second coming of Trae Young compared to some of the dudes we have throw up duds through the years.

You ever watch the Ky Madden dribbling exhibition 10 times a game only to end in a fadeaway, one leg sticking out, 3 point jump shot attempt?

How bout Sean McCurdy just out there for no reason. I love Lee Wilson but he got in the way more often than not. Last but not least, which I can’t remember his name, but the white kid from Elkins or Farmington that Nolan was forced to sign. Did he ever score while at Arkansas?

You just don’t like Devo if you say his performance was the worst ever.

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Razorblack, you just reminded me that I spend WAY too much time on this board.


Courtney Fortson was frequently a turnover waiting to happen.

And I hate to dog on him, but I believe Dr. James Counce holds the Hog record for turnovers in a game. He had a double double in the NCAA loss to Wake Forest in 1977: 12 points, 10 turnovers. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anybody else cough it up 10 times in a game. We absolutely could not handle Wake’s press, which is how we blew a 13-point halftime lead.

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Devo’s problem is he just tries to play too fast, he’s trying to play the record on 78 speed and we need him to play it on 45, once he does that he will be quite a bit better… I don’t think he has the ball handling skills to be a great PG but he can do a lot better for us this year if he would just slow down let the game happen instead of trying to fast forward into a big play that’s not available…He hasn’t played the position very long I’m willing to give him some time


Still improving?

This is awful. Live ball TO after live ball turnover. Usually unforced. He and Lykes kill them.

I don’t hate him. I actually think he’s playing really really hard and I applaud that.

But he’s laughably out of control. It’s hard to have as many live ball turnover as he gives up. And it’s just happens over and over and over.

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Big 3, though. Let’s close it out.

Blow it out your but Notorius. Just waiting to pist that. While the Hogs are playing with great efgort and defense. Yeah he has too many tos but also half our assists and 8 huge boards

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Grow up. Seriously. .

You were wrong. Just own it.

But, I am really happy for him and them. . Devo did play hard. Great on the boards. Made a huge 3. Big steal at the end. Good D at end when caught on a switch.Lost a tooth. Made some plays to help them win down the stretch. Brought great energy.

He just has to get a handle on the handles and decision making. It was really, really bad for awhile.

Williams was absolutely phenomenal.

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You, sir, are a d$%k. Just own it. Yeah, Devo plays around in clown town too much, but he made up for it down the stretch today. He continually makes bone-headed mistakes, but he always plays hard. Proud of him today. He overcame his mistakes. Go Hogs!

Watch Westbrook and the Lakers. He has had triple doubles with TO’s😎 in his career. #stat hound

#ballhog Westbrook

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I do own that.

I also own that we pretty much just posted the same thing, but you’re name-calling. Weird deal. But, whatever.


Mercy, lol. Sorry, I had to do it. Honestly, your takes aren’t bad, but I don’t see why you have to belittle anyone that disagrees with you.

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And I thought I was the boards resident jerk. Feels like I’m slacking a little.