I know it’s early, but basketball recruiting questions for RD/DD

I know the young men that are coming in are outstanding players (especially Smith and Ford). But, I differ than others on here, I believe we are in desperate need of both a PG and a Big (JWill is really not a post guy, contrary to some of the beliefs on here).

I’m being told we are now out of the Black sweepstakes, I was intrigued by him, because I believed he was the most likely of the newcomers to become our PG. I’m also being told, Muss is done with the HS ranks and is focusing on the portal (for 22).

Is there any Bigs or PG’s that are already in the portal, or maybe rumblings about possibly heading there that we would be interested in?

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There’s a forward from Nevada that Arkansas is very interested in. Had him in for an unofficial visit recently. Name escape me but 6-8 combo. There’s a thread about him somewhere.

Osiris Grady is his name.

He’s a HS kid for the 23 class, I’m talking 2022

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They’re still recruiting Black. Will they get him? Probably not but they haven’t stopped.

Other than Black they are done with HS.

No one in the portal to report about right now.

You can call it semantics if you like, but I see Williams as a post.

He may not be a dominant scorer down there, but he checks all the other boxes.

That us my belief. It doesn’t make me right or wrong, but I try not to tell others that I am right and they are wrong.

I feel like I have a good relationship with Anthony and Duncanville head coach Dean Peavy and try to check in with them every week or two.

They both have expressed that Anthony remains interested in Arkansas and vice versa.

Could be lying to me, but that’s the current stance per the best sources I know.

As for high school kids vs. the portal, odds are that Coach Muss will use the portal if he feels the need to add to the roster,

If there are bigs already in the portal, one would wonder why and be a little skeptical of adding then to the roster.

I would certainly look for some inside help, but not sure I would add another guard.


That’s pretty good sources

Like Dudley said, no need for another guard. Ford and Smith are awesome! Who knows maybe another big may pop up in the portal.

Jerry, while I agree about Ford and Smith being incredible players, they (in my opinion) are not PG’s.

Smith reminds me of Todd Day, in the aspect, he’s gonna score against anyone. He’s the type of kid that’s gonna put up 20 PPG. He will have assists, but he’s not a primary ball handler (that might actually be the weakest part of his game, but he’s still better than anyone on this years team).

Ford reminds me of Bradley Beal (less range, but improving). He can also handle the ball, but he’s not a PG. He is another kid I think is gonna score 15+ per game.

They’re both great, but that’s a weak spot for the team. I think Ford will be the SG, and Smith will play SF (in college at least). We need a PG. I don’t know what’s wrong with KK, but if the kid I watched at Oak Hill shows up, it will be a nightmarish back court. He has to show up though.

As for Bigs, I understand what Dudley is saying, but I disagree.

J Will needs another guy with him (4 or 5). I would point to last year, he played really well when Smith was in. He struggled when Smith was out. I’m seeing the same thing this year when Toney is in vs when he’s out.

Now, that would bring me to Walsh. To me Walsh isn’t quite as strong as Toney. I’ve seen Toney and Umude get rejected at the rim as they were coming in, that won’t happen with Walsh. Walsh has freakish athletic ability and will posterize the majority of Bigs trying to reject him.

That will help JWill next year, but he will have to be the leader, I don’t see him in that roll, I can see him being the enforcer (for the vocal leader) and calming influence (kind of like “Uncle Tate” last year) for everyone else. Plus, he’s the only “real inside” guy on the team.

But, we need a facilitator. I’m looking for a PG that can lead. I don’t think that’s Devo.

I just think we need 1-2 more pieces, I would love for Ware to ask out of his LOI and come here. But we’d still need a PG (I do think Black can be that guy, but as I said, I’m not as confident as Dudley and Richard, and I don’t think they’re confident he will come here).

You have good basketball takes. I enjoy them, but I’m not as convicted as you on a few points.

I’ve only seen Black play twice, but he did not seem like a natural PG. Great athlete, for sure, but being the lead guard was not the impression he gave. In my limited observation, he looked for his shot before facilitating for others (a la Notae). He does have the skill set to play the 1, but then again he has the skills to be the 2 or 3 also.

Ford doesn’t play the point for his team, but he certainly could. He’s one of only 2 players Magnolia has that’s at least 6’4”, so he does what is needed. He can certainly facilitate. In the 10 or so times I’ve seen Ford play, his court demeanor is so consistent. He seems to look for an open teammate before creating his own shot. I’m not saying he is a natural PG, but his potential to play that role is evident. No question to me he’d be the best PG option on our current team.

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Baked, I agree that Smith, nor Ford are not true PGs. They are capable but it would take away from what they do best - slash and score and draw fouls. (I’ve watched Smith since he was in the 9th grade and watched Ford a couple times in the PB tourney).

However, when I think back to our first great team in the modern era, the original triplets (Moncrief, Brewer, and Delph), they didn’t have a true PG either.

I totally trust Muss on the situation.

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I can say that about Smith and Black as well, not dogging Smith or Ford (if that’s the way it came across, apologies). I think Smith and Ford are lottery picks. I just don’t think they’re PG’s, I think they can play the point, but it’ll take away from their overall game (again JMO).

I will say, when it comes to KK, I don’t know what’s wrong with him. I’ll give you guys an example. This year, when a HS game is played on ESPN watch it. They’ll talk about the players in the game, and they’ll mention a few other players. These guys are who they consider can’t miss lottery pick players. When KK was at Oak Hill, I was watching a game with Monteverde playing. They talked about Cade Cunningham and Scottie Barnes. Then they mentioned KK multiple times, and said they considered him the best pure PG that year (remember Cade, Moses, and Scottie were all playing in the game). That’s how good he was at Oak Hill. If he gets back to that, and Ford and Smith join him, it will be incredible.

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All true, but it appears a body snatcher has taken up residence and is not sure what that body can do. Currently he is not in our top nine players. We could be an awesome team if he was playing up to what they expected.

I agree. They aren’t PGs. I would expect KK won’t be here next year.

That would leave:


I just don’t expect Muss to go into next year with the same problem he has this year—no PG.

I guess we will find out.

Adam, if you and baked say they aren’t point guards then I believe you. I trust you’re evaluations.

I think if Ford accepts the role he could be a physical defender and knock down open shots. I don’t think he has the handle to be a true PG. He reminds me of Devo in that he’s very LH dominant. He can he locked up by good defenders. I’ve seen it.

His dribble penetration is kinda bully ball. In this day of everything being a charge he will need to adjust. Ford is a 2 or a 3. Not a PG, IMO.

Smith can be a big scorer, but he’s also not a PG.

If KK leaves (which I expect based on no inside info, just PT), I would be really surprised if they didn’t try to add a pass first PG/defender.

That said, there’s a lot of season left. Devo wasn’t getting much PT at this time last year and by season’s end he was being compared (unfairly to all) to Moncrief and Jordan.


Would you like this guy as your PG? Here’s his averages:

14.3 pts / 6.0 Reb / 5.0 AS / 2.3 TOs (2.2 - 1 ratio)

2.2 ST / 45% FG / 82.3% FTs

These are Devo’s stats in the 3 SEC games against MS ST, A&M, and MO. He had no stats against Vandy, when he appeared either sick or drunk.

Those stats are considerably better than Tate’s stats last year. His 45% FGs includes his very poor shooting game against A&M. He was 57% in the other games, when he improved his shot selection.

All I’m saying is I think maybe we’ve given up too early on Devo being our PG. Yes, he had many poor games as he was trying to learn the position leading up to SEC play. He has actually shown remarkable improvement in these 3 SEC games. He may just be able, with continued hard work to actually become a very good PG as he becomes more comfortable with that role. His assist to TO ratio has actually been very good in SEC play.

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Typical response from you. So tell me what you don’t like about Devo’s improved play in those games.

Tell me how you know he couldn’t become a pg similar to Tate, who never was a typical or “pure” PG.

Tell me why you think Muss wants to have a true PG. So far, as a head coach in college, he’s had a good facilitator with good size and length on his best teams. In those 3 games, that’s what Devo was. The same with Tate last year. Seems to work pretty well in his positionless scheme.

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I just have no desire to debate with someone who has watched Devo’s play and comes away thinking he’s the answer at PG. it’s a flat out embarrassing take.

He played one of the worst games I’ve ever seen a Razorback play in the game against Vanderbilt. And, although he picked up a lot of garbage points late, he had 4 big TOs in a game against TAMU that they lost because of turnovers. He was also 2-10, 0-4.

How on Earth anyone could watch their start of conference play and come away thinking he’s a PG is beyond me. Completely baffling.