I know it’s a long way away

I look forward to the Bama game being “The Game” like the UTex (Spit) Game was

Can’t wait to listen to Smalltree Finebsum gravel and make excuses playing to his fan base with excuses of why Bama lost to…, Arkansas

I look forward to the SEzc and ESPN having to make the trip out of thier convent way to the Ozarks because that’s where the SEC bell cow in Arkansas lives

Arkansas fans can gleefully listen to the “Profesdiinal” sports news folks who would deride the fan base gravel that Arkansas is … well ., “Good” because they will never acknowledge Arkansas is Great - they just can’t do it

As a kid that grew up when Arkansas event from 1964/65 undefeated - I know it’s possible

I still believe with the right coach

Arkansas can win the West 2 times a decade and the SEC at least 1 time a decade and with so many bowl games now go 9 every year to a bowl game

I hope Coach Morris is that Coach

The fan support - the funds - the unique state with no pro team conditions (despite its small size) can do it

Just now bare your knuckles because 3018 could be painful

But Lordy any coach that can win at SMU should win at Arkansas

Simply win - Build the Brand and it will be ok