I know it is only first game

But I am not impressed with Florida QB.

I haven’t been for years.

He just doesn’t have the goods to continue to start for the Gators. Isn’t this his 3rd year? Quarterbacks, good ones, anyway, aren’t that easy to come by at Florida. Surely, they have a freshman stud who could play.

Before @LDhog freaks out, this thread showed up in my Suggested Topics feed. I didn’t go searching for it.

Interesting that the topic of this thread will most likely be our starting QB.

I’m chill 09…:v:

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I felt much the same his first couple of years at FL. However, we are getting Felipe at the peak of his college QB performance. He is nothing like the QB of 2017 or 2018 (where he was actually pretty good). His upward performance trajectory is pretty striking. Here is his 2.25 year QB stats"

     rtg  %  ave

2017 113.3 54.6 6.3
2018 143.3 58.4 7.6
2019 173.4 76.1 9.8

Obviously, he was injured early (late in 3rd game) in 2019, but his stats are not a product of playing 3 cupcakes. He played both Miami and Ky in those 3 games. If he kept that same stat line for the rest of the season, he would have been 7th nationally in QB rating of 173.4. His season shortened stats were considerably better than Trask, who turned out to be a really nice QB. And remember, Trask still had 3 cupcakes left on the schedule.

His year by year improvement is really eye-opening. I can’t wait to see if that trajectory continues into 2020. If so, we may just win a couple games against solid SEC teams.


Same thing happened to me a week ago, I wasn’t the OP in the thread (Clay was) but I had responded to the OP (back when it was new) challenging Clay’s assertion that we’d be “rolling” by the time we visited Notre Dame this fall. This was from last July or August, prior to the season. I said then that I thought it would be 2021 or 2022 before we’d really be competitive in a road game like that.

So, it got bumped because someone “liked” my post (it took me a while to figure out why it showed up in my notices, because there wasn’t a new post at the end of the thread). But by the time I figured that out, I’d read the thread up and down and was thinking about it, so I replied, asking Clay if he wanted a “do over” on the Notre Dame prediction.

By the time I looked the next day for a response, the entire thread had been deleted.

So…your comment is well founded. In some cases, old threads that are bumped are “lost” for good. Guess it depends on what the subject matter is, and who ends up looking right or wrong.