I know I am giving away my age, but, folks,

does anyone actually think watching hour after hour of mock drafts and hours of “experts” telling us who the number 18 draft choice will be etc. Is interesting? The more I see of ESPN the more I appreciate it when it was one channel with one guy and real sporting news.

It beats watching Hallmark channel. :sunglasses:

They have so much air time to fill and the NFL draft has become a huge event. I see they’re expecting 100,000 people on Broadway for the draft. I think everything is overkill now days.

I’m 71, but I did watch Mel-Kiper and the other guy(Todd McShay) do their mock drafts. I love the NFL draft. The rest of the drafts, NBA and MLB, I don’t watch.

You are right…ESPN is a shell of its former self. I seldom watch ESPN anymore except for MLB games. It is just not the old, fun network it used to be with Chris Berman, Tom Hammonds, Bob Ley and the boys.

Back in the 80’s before CNN went off the rails to become the new TMZ, my favorite sports guys were Nick Charles and Fred Hickman. They were superb.

I also remember Elle McPherson when she was 25 years old on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. She is 50 now and still looks 25.

Some changes I understand, for instance, the Spring football game which used to be a real game and fun to watch, but I understand with the limits on numbers you cannot afford serious injuries in the Spring game. So it frankly is not a big event now.

Watching real sports or real sports news is, I agree. But for most of the crap they put on now days? Give me Hallmark!

If I’m going to watch a little TV with my wife, it has to be either Hallmark or a Razorback game of some sort.

Looks like a few people, including myself, watch.

I actually went to Dallas for the draft last year.

The 2018 NFL Draft marked the first time the event had taken place on network television. The change paid off in a major way as the event posted a record-high 3.57 household rating with an average of 5.5 million viewers, a 20 percent increase from the year prior.

“The addition of broadcast television for all three days of the 2018 NFL Draft helped to bring this important offseason event to even more fans and resulted in the highest rated and most viewed draft ever,” Brian Rolapp, Chief Business and Media Officer for the National Football League, said in the release. “We’re looking forward to once again broadcasting all three days of the NFL Draft and excited to have another member of the Disney family with us to help grow this event and showcase the future stars of the NFL.”

Yes, things change. When I was a kid I would have crawled miles to see a MLB game. I have not watched a live Braves game in 15 years.

I think for NFL fans wondering who they will get is a bit like following recruiting for college fans in December-January and February. What is entertaining for some might be boring for others. I really enjoy TV golf – at certain times in the year. One of those is in early January when the tour hits Hawaii for a few events and they are late night fare. My wife said it’s only good for putting her to sleep. And, that has happened for me, too. But I can quickly retrace it with the new TV DVR and backup possibilities.

Agree. It’s entertainment and fans hope the picks and recruits help their team get better. That’s about it.

Wrong, Grasshopper!


what they are doing in Nashville to feed the monster is amazing… really crazy and building mo every day. Age recognition has hit me and I am secure to only care about what I want and my team has no draft this year so I have no reason to head down town to watch. Still a hindsight exhibition to me as Mayock will find in his new gig with Chuckie. My hockey team made the most unexpected exit so it is draft or nothing mostly for me and pro sports right now. Cannnot and never will stomach pretending an NBA interest. Draft is year round, plenty of speculations for 2020 already with simulators going full bandwidth.

The only draft worth watching would be for new announcers/management for ESPN…

I would rather watch paint peel. Or dry. Either is preferable to draft analyses.