I know everyone hopes Chaney

Gets going, and I do too, but man, if Desi can find his shot it would change this team. I also hope Cylla come on just a little as well.

I agree. Chaney is a little behind from missing those games. We need him to step up against the bigs in the SEC.

Point being, I do think we have 2-3 guys that CAN become much netter and have some upside.

Offensively I think that getting Desi and Whitt going is the key. Both are capable of giving us 15+ pts per game. Would be a big boost and take some pressure off of Joe and Jones…Bailey and Chaney will probably never be big time scorers.

Chaney won’t take wide open shots no matter where he’s at on the floor. I wish he would just gain some confidence.

Hard to improve if you don’t shoot the ball! 3-4 times Chaney has got the rebound under the basket and instead of going up strong he passes the ball outside! Very disappointed in him so far he has to be an inside Force for us to be a factor

One moment I think he’ll be great and the next it appears he has zero body control. I’m hopeful that Muss can develop him fast, but at this time it would appear to me that our expectation for his improvement should be “next year”.

Seriously, during the off-season I assumed he’d have Adrio’s starting spot this season…and by now,

They all just need to have the awareness of what their game is and then play it. Chaney will come around. Cylla should just forget the three and spend his time working on his short game. Reminds me of Gabe. I don’t mind Sills taking 3s even though he is off to a terrible start this season. I know he can make them. Harris is a great driver. I’d rather see him drive and screw it up than take a 3 pointer and miss. Longer 3-point line isn’t doing them any favors.

Sills is 2 for 25 with the 3…8%…yes, 8%. He is an energetic player who does a lot of good things. Shooting the 3 ball is not one of his strengths. His shot is not a smooth one…Maybe, he can shoot his way out of this, but it may be that the combination of moving the 3 point line back and his lack of shooting technique and touch have rendered him a victim of the new 3 line.

I wonder how the new line has affected Joe and Jones in terms of this year vs. last year from the 3? Each of those guys has a lot of range, so I bet not much. But the marginal shooters like Sills…I would bet it has really hurt.

Agree with that. Sills was not a 3 point shooter in high school. They were developing that shot with him last year and it was coming along and he had become a decent shooter. But moving the line back may have put him back to square one.

Percentages of both Joe and Jones are down. I am sure Muss has analytics on this, but off the top of my head they are shooting the same as last year from certain spots, but not as well from other spots. For example, they are missing more from around the corner spots. Just my feel without looking at the analytics.

Interesting that you brought up the corner 3. You know with moving the college line back this season, it is now 1 3/4 inches further back than the corner in the NBA.

And, by moving it back that far they have brought the out of bounds line into the equation. I don’t think it’s just the distance, but also the oob line that gets in their heads a bit. Until they get used to it, they can’t just get to the spot, relax, catch, and shoot. As the season goes on, it will become more natural for them.

Good point Harley.

Desi hasn’t shot the 3 worth a hoot this season. The change in the 3 point line has effected him more than the others. He shows heart and grit on defense and is fearless going to the hole. I think he gets the 3 going and we will forget about his early struggles.
We have talked and read what Jones did end of game at GA Tech but I can also remember plays that haven’t been mentioned that Desi made to help put the hogs in a position to win.
The added minutes and short bench has a lot to do with poor shooting.

I didn’t realize the new college arc is actually farther out in the corner than the NBA line. That makes a lot of sense. You don’t have to step out of bounds more than a quarter inch to be out of bounds, so that 1.75 inches makes a big difference (especially given that hoops players tend to have big feet).

No one says Desi must shoot the three. He can drive. He can pass. If you aren’t going to make it, then I don’t understand shooting it. Figure it out. Sidney Moncrief wasn’t a huge person, but he scored in lots of ways aside from long range. Of course, there was no 3-point line when he was in college.

Like Joe, he’s taken a bunch of shots well behind the new 3 point line. That’ll make a weak shooter weaker. He’s so good penetrating, I don’t know why he’s not making that his moniker and norm.

That is my point. He doesn’t have to shoot.

I noticed something on Twitter. It may have been McPherson who tweeted a video of Desi lighting it up from 3. Desi actually wasn’t shooting three’s. His foot was on the line every time and he was swishing them. During the game he’s behind the line, not close to it. Maybe making sure he’s behind the line is what’s causing him to miss.

I love the fact he challenges the other teams big. That’s what I was always told a guard is supposed to do. Attack the big, get him in foul trouble, then exploit their 2nd team “big man.”

The problem is they are leaving him open and if you don’t shoot it, sometimes (not every time), it interrupts the offensive flow and gives defense options to double up next time.

One of the things I am pleased with Muss is the fact that he is allowing Bailey to shoot the three when left open. Bailey is averaging more three point attempts than last year. From the early discussion of some claiming that Muss is the return of Eddie Sutton, I had dreaded us passing the ball around until the right guy is open. That fear was exaggerated when in the first game Muss talked about counting number of passes and how proud he was that there were 254 passes.

But what I am seeing through six games is that the guys have freedom on the offensive end in shooting when open regardless of the time left on the shot clock. The right guys are even shooting in your face threes.

Muss is growing on me. If he can combine Sutton type defense with a free flowing offense, I am going to fall in love with the Muss system.

Just going by the Muss philosophy, if we had another 3 threat, it would really change things for the better. If he does figure out the shot, (and I think he will) as well as he drives it will really help the team and him a lot. He is not going to stop shooting them in this system.
Again, point being we have 2-3 guys with upside that I think will upside. Desi will keep shooting and will start hitting, so will Cylla, and I think Chaney finds himself as well.

As well as we are playing there is still a lot to come and be excited about. These guys get noting but better as we go. JMHO