I know anything positive is not allowed this weekend

But being the sunshine pumper I am, I’m going to post something anyway:

Rawleigh Williams III is the SEC regular season rushing champion.

He finished the regular season with 1326 yards, which ranks 17th in the nation. Derrius Guice of LSU and Nick Fitzgerald of Moo U both had huge games this weekend just to get within 100 yards of RW3, but neither got that close. Guice finished at 1249, Fitzgerald at 1243.

Nobody from Alabama or Florida is close enough to catch up even with the extra game. Damian Harris leads Bama with 900 yards, Jordan Scarlett leads Florida with 778. The final rushing champ will be named after the bowl games, I guess.

Austin Allen finished the regular season #2 in SEC passing yards with 3152, which is 21st in the country. He has a chance to pass Drew Lock of Mizzou in the bowl, since MU is not bowl eligible.

Very happy for Rawleigh - what a story.


One of the best stories of the year, nationally. Unfortunately, the national outlets haven’t picked up on it. I know. We haven’t won enough.

But, he had a truly amazing, phenomenal year.

Good for Rawleigh! After last year, I’m really happy for him. Even more impressive for him when you consider Arkansas was 10th in the SEC in rushing this year

Rawleigh is a stud. If our online improves, he’ll lead the SEC again next year. :smiley: :smiley:

RW3 also had more carries than any other SEC back – barely. Four more carries than Ralph Webb of Vandy, who is fourth at 1172 yards.

Whaley, by the way, is 22nd in rushing at 601 yards.

Team rushing, we had 2099 yards. RW3 and Whaley had virtually all of those. The rest of the team put together had 172 yards total. Walker, Hatcher, Cornelius, AA, Hammonds, Hollister, Duwop, everyone.

Yes. He had more carries largely because he was more durable than others (coming off of a broken neck). I don’t see that as a negative. I would think a guy missing one-third of the season would be a reason to put him lower on your ballot.

TYSM for bringing some good news forward

RWIII status is something to absolutely celebrate

Looking forward to a bowl game win

And significant improvement in 2017

Not saying it’s negative or positive, just noting it. When I looked at the rushing list last week before the Mizzou game, the second thing I looked at was number of carries, so I looked at it again today. He really was durable. I can’t remember offhand anytime that he limped off or was helped off the field in 12 games, but perhaps there was a time he was dinged for a few plays.

Rawleigh is a stud. If our online improves, he’ll lead the SEC again next year. :smiley: :smiley:
[/quote]Not much chance of that. Arkansas recruits good skilled players but the linemen are far below average in the SEC.


You have no credibility with that statement.

RW is the man and earned every yard this year. Another positive about the William’s family is his younger brother is a stud and watching the Hogs over the next couple of years should go a long way in his recruitment.