I knew it was a bad draw so not surprised

just PO at how bad we competed!! no desire whatsoever.

Eh. They competed. They just choked offensively. You don’t fall behind 21-2 only take take the lead in the first half if you didn’t compete.

Gafford got punked. Collectively they shot horribly but they competed.

When you can’t throw it in the ocean and your opponent is hitting 25-footers at the end of the clock with a hand in their face, it has a snowball effect.

They were wildly inconsistent all year. You never knew what you might get. The one thing they were pretty consistent at was playing poor 3 point D. Mike’s teams have been bad against the 3 his whole time here. Actually, they haven’t been good on D in general. I didn’t expect that. I don’t know if he can make us any better that 2nd round and top quarter of the SEC. Just don’t think he is a championship caliber coach. I sure wish he was!

We need players that can put the ball in the hole!!! NOT players that can jump over the moon and dunk it behind their back. We need players that can play basketball not athletes that think they can play. WE need a coach that knows basketball and how to coach it to the players.

Butler was +1 in rebounding and dominated us! that’s effort we did not compete! they hit a dry spell and let us back in but we let them drive by us all day and that is al about want to! I’ve seen it all yr so not surprised we lost but they way we played is flat out unacceptable!

Yea it was bad… I never thought they would stick their tail between the legs like that and just hide…

Sometimes the other team is just better. Reminded me of the TN game. Butler shot lights out and we shot poorly. It is what it is. Now I can go root for the baseball team.