I kinda remember hearing something like....

the Razorbacks had not lost a game with leading after the 6th inning. They
conversely have not won a game when trailing after the 6th inning. If that
is so then we brought that to an end today.

Anyone know for sure if that is accurate. My memory is slowly developing
swiss cheese like holes as I get older, so I could very well be mis-remembering
something here.

I think the winning when leading after 6 is accurate. However, I think we might have come back & won a couple when trailing after 6. I couldn’t tell you which ones, however, so that might be wrong. Regardless, it was sure great to come back today. The sweep today negates one of the losses of the past two weekends. We’re the equivalent of 2-1 for 4 straight series now.

Beating Mize was huge this weekend. Perhaps it’s asking too much to expect Knight to go undefeated every Friday, but he’s sure beaten some great Friday night starters this season. Just need Campbell to come back to form.

We walked off against USC when Dominic Fletcher got a pinch hit single.

Yup, that was the Sunday game shortened to 8 innings by USC’s flight plans to get outta Dodge (or XNA). We were down 6-5 going into the bottom of the 8th. That game was tied after 6, though, so that no wins when trailing after 6 could have been accurate until today.

Southern Cal was ahead 6-5 after seven innings and Arkansas won 7-6.

This isn’t what you asked, but there have also been some comebacks in the sixth inning. Kent State was ahead 4-2 after five innings in the game Arkansas won 11-4. Memphis was ahead 6-5 after five innings in the game Arkansas won 8-7. ULM was ahead 4-3 after five innings the other night and Arkansas won 10-9 in extra innings.

Matt, the stat was about trailing after the 6th, so those games where we were behind in the 5th, how did they look after the 6th inning. Also as Swine pointed out… a tied 6th inning would not count either.

I think this will turn out to be an accurate stat, but still it was broken today.

I take “trailing after six innings” to mean trailing at any time after the sixth inning, but I can see how others interpret it differently.