I kinda look at this SEC tournament as an "intra-conference" practice...

For all the teams involved. Get some work for the pitching staff, get a lot of swings and reps on defense, and beyond all that - prepare for the post season.

I agree. Getting wound up about the SEC tournament unless your team needs wins to get in or host is a waste of energy. Just keep the guys in their usual routines of playing a few games a week and don’t over-extend your pitching or your main position players.

Beating South Carolina almost surely assured us a national seed, especially with Georgia falling on their face in the tournament. So apart from staying in practice, having fun, and maybe letting some of the bench guys play, the SEC tournament means nothing.

Buzzard it would be nice to beat Florida tomorrow. With Blaine on the mound!
Then Saturday have Campbell on the mound and win! Sunday piece it together out of the bullpen. Don’t use Knight, Murphy or Campbell anymore.
Get Cronin, Rheindl, Loeske and Ramage a little work! Scroggins gets to go back out and see if he has his command.