I kinda felt for the Memphis girl

Who had her PK saved at the end. She had scored two of their three goals last night, led them in scoring with 10 goals on the season. And she didn’t take a bad PK; Barbara guessed correctly and went out and got it. You can see on the tweet I linked last night that she’s covering her face as Barbara sprints out from the goal, and later they showed her on her knees sobbing.

But when I covered the NCAA match with Virginia Tech in 2018, which VT won in overtime, plenty of our girls were sobbing too.

I still think it’s kinda freaky that Colby puts the backup keeper Sierra Cota-Yarde in the shootout lineup, and she’s 2-for-2 on shootout PKs. Cota-Yarde only played in one match this year, meaning she’s seen more action on PKs than stopping shots (she did not record a single save and allowed one goal). Not only is she in the shootout lineup, but she’s in the fifth spot which can be the winner (and last night it was). It was a perfect PK too; their keeper guessed correctly too but Sierra put it just inside the left post where it couldn’t be stopped.

By the way, although Barbara is a grad student, because the Ivy League cancelled the entire 2020 season due to COVID, she could still come back.

This tweet is a pretty good angle (although a long way away) on that final save.

Barbara’s save was incredible. Could the shot have had more pace? Maybe. But not many are gonna stop that shot.

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The ladies show their emotions more which is one of the reasons they are fun to follow. They put so much into their games that I think it just comes pouring out when over. Probably the same for the guys, but shown in other ways.

The Memphis lady had a great game. The keeper made a great play. Rather get beat on a great play than a fluke, but it still hurts

I’ve recently really gotten into soccer (the last 7-8 years).

My daughter is 10 and she plays club soccer and is really good.

Kind of on a whim, I decided to drive her over from Paragould last night for the game. It was the first college soccer game for both of us.

I wanted her to see what great athletes they are and that she can play at that level or the smaller college level if she puts in the work.

We had a blast.

I was really impressed with Memphis. They ran their socks off and their right back (#2) was an absolutely phenomenal player. I don’t think she lost a duel all night.

I thought when we conceded, late, we were toast, especially after how PKs went in the SECt (and with one of Grace’s stops being disallowed).

I, like you, ache for the player whose miss is tagged as what lost the game. There were plenty of things that won/lost the game.

But, in the end, Grace made a world-class save.Not many stop that. It appeared to me to be headed for the top corner.

We were so excited that I told my daughter if we somehow win at FSU I will take her to the College Cup.

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What is amazing to me is how big the DI girls are, especially Arkansas. Size and speed is the difference in high D1.

But the skill and technical level of the D2 girls is really good.

The key at all levels is toughness. The game last night was extremely physical. Lots of fouls and tough tackles. Memphis fouled Anna Podijil a lot in the first half. Two girls got yellows and the fouls on her subsided. I am sure Anna is beat up today.

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Slightly off topic… my wife and I departed XNA today for HNL via DEN. During our flight to DEN we sat across the row from Bea Franklin’s proud parents. She’s the transfer from Norte Dame. A finance major with a 3.6 GPA. Her parents did an awesome job! Yes, they were both wearing Razorback gear!
UA…Campus of Champions


You picked a great match and time to drive across the state to see our women play a good Memphis soccer team. The resolution of ties in soccer matches is either elation or despair. Grace Barbara’s action was remarkable considering the call overturning her earlier deflection of a Tiger penalty shot. Mya Jones was obviously devastated by Barabra’s winning deflection. Great match with the Razorbacks regaining their usual aggressiveness in the second overtime period after losing focus in the latter half of the match. A win is a win and this victory could be the needed cataylist against FSU.

Jeff, the Tiger-Razorback match is on ESPN Soccer demand. Although I hate the shoot off it gave Grace Barbara an opportunity to somewhat redeem her choice against Vandy in SECT. I thought her earlier rejection that was overturned was also a great play. The question of her advancing in block seemed borderline considering the required anticipation but he had the angle from the side where the camera only caught her step beginning forward has the shot was made. Great to see these women advance to the final eight.

Yes. We have a couple of very tall and strong midfielders who cover a ton of ground. Their work rate was really good, too.

I thought Memphis controlled the game after we went up 2-0. They didn’t sub much and they ran for days.

They are a unique team in that arguably their MVP and biggest threat was a right back.

I thought they neutralized Podigil well (were all over her) but but others stepped up-fun game all the way around.