I kinda feel bad for Bucknell...

This has been rough for them. Their pitching…well lets just say it ain’t quite there yet.

I feel sorry for them too! I wish that LSU or Florida we were thrashing like this!

we were thrashing Florida about this bad 16-0!!!

I remember that. That game was so much fun to watch.

They are going to hit Arkansas with abuse of a corpse at this rate

I was a bit nervous going into the 9th with just over a 4 touchdown lead. Glad we were hold on to the win. :smiley:

I know what you mean, but they ARE getting some benefit out of the series.

If they were back home, it would be too cold to practice outside and they have no indoor practice facility for Baseball (we’re one of very few who do). So, they get to play actual games (even though outmatched), and also practice in the indoor facility.

Plus - believe it or not - as bad as we’re beating them, this series will absolutely help their RPI because of the boost in SOS from (a) how high we’re ranked; and (b) it being a road series.

Believe me, their coach (former Arkansas pitcher Scott Heather) knew exactly what he was getting into when he agreed to play this series.