I kept reading that we didn't want to go too far

in the SECT as it messes you up for the regional. That said, I couldn’t ever say “well, lets just lose this one.”

Did we mess up our pitching for the regional?

I don’t think so with the performances of Murphy, Cronin, and Kopps. The only problem we had was first game Miss State and then nobody pitched more a batter or 2. We might see a bunch of pitchers tomorrow but that’s fine. We really couldn’t ask to be in better shape pitching wise. I would like to beat LSU simply because we let the 2nd slip away at Baum when they scored 5 in 9th.

What you don’t want to do in the tournament is overuse the pitchers. I don’t think that has happened this week because the starters, with the exception of Taccolini, have all had long outings. What Murphy did today was big.

Our best starters should have normal rest for the Regionals.

We need another solid pitching job. The Corndogs are pounding the ball. But, so are the Hogs.

Go Hogs!!!

Win one more and you just might play your way into a super regional host gig. It is a long shot but they are blowing the doors off of folks - a win vs LSU would be two wins vs super regional hosts the week before the tourney begins. Hard to argue with UA getting KY’s super regional spot.

That said, I don’t expect, and I have not tracked how other candidates are doing this weekend.

Basically, for us to have a chance at a national seed/hosting a super, all three of these teams had to have bad weekends: Kentucky, Stanford and Southern Miss. Kentucky lost two of three and got run-ruled out of the SECT. Check. Southern Miss lost early in C-USA and is having to fight through the loser’s bracket but is trailing 5-3 early in the championship game. Check, although they could still come back to win. But Stanford got a sweep on the road at Washington State. My guess is that last national seed goes to the Cardinal.

Like Matt said, it wasn’t that we didn’t want to win it’s that we didn’t want to overextend our pitching.

Dvh has done well on that, thanks partially to our offense raking. Stephans was pulled early. Knight cruised and had plenty left. Tacc hasn’t thrown much.

Murphy was huge today. Cronin gave them some big inning the other day. All things considered, but for gagging the MSU opened things have played out perfectly.

I bet they go Johnny Whole Staff tomorrow, piece meal it and try to take home the trophy. It’s a feather in the cap and when you’re this close and playing one of the bluest of blue bloods, I expect competitiveness to take over and they will really try to bring it home while also eyeing next week.

I think the plan today was Johnny Whole Staff, but Murphy made that unnecessary. Tomorrow, I suspect, you’re right, unless Kopps or somebody again makes it unnecessary.