I keep waiting

For the first decommittment and then the snowball effect. Hope I’m wrong and we can hold this class together.

I think their belief in these coaches and clear promise of playing time will keep the high school recruits in the fold. I wonder if jc prospects will come on board as their situation is different. I also look for possibility of graduate transfers to be higher than we may be thinking. Clearly there will be a focus on who comes back after this year. Kelly Bryant is important if he comes as that signals strong belief in Morris and offensive staff. Would help with jc lineman.

NowMorris has hinted about coaches needing to do better and any changes might impact specific recruits if that happened.

I really don’t think there is going to be any.

Their belief in the coaches and the chance to play right away have got them to this point and just over a month away when all of them expect to sign.

Unless something goes wrong and they don’t get to 29, I only see the possibility of one graduate transfer and we all know who that is

What is over/under on seeing new punter prospects invited to walk on? I could see some graduate transfers if jc lineman do not pan out. Ditto linebacker. —assuming these prospects can contribute immediately.

Grad transfers are most often added to the team over Summer. I know KB if he committed, would be a midterm enrollee.

Hope you’re right Dudley. But the way this season has gone it wouldn’t surprise me.

I suspect Bauer will pan out a lot like Dylan Breeding. Breeding’s freshman season didn’t go so well, but he’s one of the best punters we’ve had