I keep listening for comments like.........................

…sharp precision passing, this QB hit that receiver open deep for a TD, a QB is really in sync with his receivers, a deep pass was not under thrown, etc. Instead all I get is just a chorus of crickets chirping. No one has emerged from the pack.

I’m not sure CM and Craddock would tell us if someone had emerged. They seem to be playing it pretty close to the vest.

No Hurry. :sunglasses:

I have always felt they would carry it through two scrimmages before cutting down the reps to two guys. I think it’s still Ty Storey and Cole Kelley as the top two. I know there were some thinking one of the others would catch or pass them. I have never felt that way.

I’m one of those who said Noland is our IMO the best overall QB and still feel that way and it will take him some time but wouldn’t surprise me at all if he is in there before it is all said and done.

I just don’t know how one gets to this thought process for a player/QB in major college level and he misses every Spring practice. I don’t think he will ever play a meaningful snap at Arkansas and he won’t be on the team in 2 seasons. If he was a player at any other position maybe, on top of missing spring ball he more than likely will want to play summer baseball.

I have always felt the same, but I think the stats they quoted on passing attempts from the scrimmage was very telling.

I doubt very seriously he misses any spring FB he is on a FB scholarship! I have heard CMM thinks very highly of Noland and like any FR QB has to get used to the speed of the game he can make any throw that is asked of him.He has a better arm than storey and is faster than Kelly just a matter of him getting used to faster players.

I may be wrong on him but I highly doubt it. just turn on his highlight film and watch how technically sound he is… He has everything you need in a QB,There is a reason he was very highly recruited.

Don’t disagree with any of that, i just get that baseball is just as important to him as football and imo you can’t do both as a QB.

I have wondered how they will work it out as well. DVH said they will work out something so time will tell.

It can be done. Barry Lunney did it. So have others.

We’ll see football and baseball are almost year round sports now, it wasn’t that way in 95.

It definitely can be done and I really hope he successfully maneuvers the two-sport process. I just don’t know about a freshman who didn’t go through spring practice coming in and contributing. What I’ve heard from CCM is both Noland and Jones in the same breath–neither ahead of the other. I suspect they’ll redshirt, even if one or both play in four games this year. I know Noland can play and so can Jones, but each have issues (as all players do) that they have to overcome. I hate to say anyone who has not played a down at the collegiate level be deemed the best QB on campus.

I’m beginning to wonder if we will get much info on any positions. I know you guys can only stay there 20 minutes. I’d love to have an hour practice report. I guess this is how it’s done everywhere now.

I really enjoyed watching CK last year, despite being under constant, massive rush, he had decent numbers and lots of Moxie. looked like a natural leader to me.

My big worry is OL-it’s been terrible the past 2 years, now our best OL is starting for the Lions, then a rash of injuries. If we have a DECENT OL this season, that will be a miracle and sign of SUPERB coaching.

Can’t wait to watch it unfold!


well let me say he has the most potential IMO for reasons I have already stated.