I just watched the Florida presser from last night

I thought all of them handled it with class. Coach and players alike. Gave us credit, obviously disappointed to fall four wins short of their goal of repeating as NC. Singer talked about how we didn’t get ourselves out on his good stuff and hammered his mistakes. I have a hard time imagining some coaches in this league showing anywhere near that level of class. Players either.

I agree. It stuck out—particularly in this day and age. We live in a time of “I’m not going to make any excuses” followed by excuses.

The Fla guys were all very complimentary. And, you could tell it was genuine. In fact, Sully probably gave us the ultimate compliment. He said he enjoys playing us because it feels like they are playing themselves in terms of style of play and quality of team.

Kudos to them and a great season and doing it the right way. You didn’t see a lot of histrionics from them like you did from Texas and USCe and others. They just played good baseball and had a great year.

I think there are a number of classy baseball coaches in the SEC who would handle themselves similarly to O’Sullivan. The ones that come to mind are Corbin, Thompson, Kingston, Childress, Vitello, Mainieri and Van Horn.

Baseball coaches, for the most part, are a different breed than other sports.

I should have been more specific. The coaches I had in mind aren’t baseball coaches. They’re the ones who wear headsets during the game.

Yes they did. Gave us credit where credit was due. Class players and coaches alike. I remember several years ago when Texas was playing for national championship and lost and they just walked off the field. They didn’t stick around for presser or shake hands with winning team. You know what Texas told Audie (sp) and players was don’t ever do that again! No apology was ever issued. It showed the arrogance of Texas and one of the many reasons I can’t stand Texas to this day. Great lesson kids learned that day!

I have always liked Sully,great guy and fantastic coach.I really liked Singer because you know he’s heard that question 10,000 times.

Not really, because nobody else can hit him. But we own him.

He’s heard why does Arkansas have your # a whole lot of times every time we have faced him becasue we are the only one who can…he was very classy in answering

O’Sullivan did show class. It’s easy to be classy when you win but in a loss it shows your true colors. Thumbs up!
I also noticed J J Schwartz showed all of us what’s really important!

Class & respect usually starts with the head man. Obviously Sully runs a tight ship as well being a great coach. Explains 4 straight trips to Omaha with NC to boot.

Really? You think somebody went up to him after he beat, say, SoCar and said “Hey Brady, how come you own everybody else in the league but Arkansas kicks your butt?” The chances of that are approximately the same as my chance of being named athletic director at Texass. It. Did. Not. Happen.

I can assure you when we played them this year he heard all about how we drilled him for eight runs in the SEC tournament and I guarantee you before he faced us this time he was asked about it how we hit him hard earlier this year there’s no way around that. I guarantee you if you ask him he already knew what the question was going to be at the press conference! No ifs ands or buts

O’Sullivan and Van Horn are pretty good friends. I was interviewing Van Horn in his office once and his cell phone went off. It was O’Sullivan calling.

that’s awesome Matt! I like Sully seems like a great guy! this WS run ought to really help us in Recruiting!I would think we should be able to attract pretty much anybody to take a look!

That reinforces my opinion on those coaches and on one NOT included, Bianco.

Very few positives emanate from Ole A Miss. Bianco fits them. He wins, but we also
know there is no level too low for them to stoop to win.

job the last couple of years to cover the opposing football, basketball and baseball coaches/locker rooms.

I wanted to do something different and it has really been fun for me and entertaining.

Almost all of the opposing coaches of the SEC and non-conference teams and their players have been great to work with during that time.

Overall, there are really good men and women leading the SEC programs - as one might expect in the best conference in the country.