I just watch the game again

We won again.

Watch it again & again & again all night.
That should get us in the dance if we win every time.

Were the refs as bad on the replay?

What was the DPG? :wink:

It was a very high DPG game… refs were a scandal.

It was how basketball is supposed to be played. It smacked traditional box score thinking in the face repeatedly.

By watching the replay the refs were getting friendly with LSU players and their coach. LSU players patted one ref on the but. There must be something about officials in the state of Louisiana.
When Gafford touched the ball he was fouled by several players on the same touch and the refs had multiple chances to call fouls on LSU and Gafford shot 2 free throws. On our defensive end LSU was allowed to be productive rebounding with regard to going over the back of our hogs.
There was 2 different sets of rules handling the ball it was football when our guards were handling the ball and it was right when we were on defense on LSU handling the ball. The LSU press was being played like a blitz in football. If the SEC office doesn’t take notice their just as sorry as these refs.