I just wanna cry

3 senior guards, lots of experience, and Gafford, our most talented big man since AT LEAST BPortis…and we are down by 20 or more in most of our conference games…after beating UConn, OU and Minnesota??? how is this possible?

Very hard to watch


Gafford played his heart out. These kids deserve a better coach…& so do we

very , very frustrating ,I like Mike but this is sure getting old. Something sure needs to change…

I am frustrated like everyone else. Let’s look at this senior laden team. My opinion is this Even though we have six seniors on this team only Macon, Barford, and Beard add anything to this team. The other three seniors are awful. I am also puzzled by the way we are playing now compared to how we played the first twelve games. I say we need to start playing better defense and those other seniors need to step it up. It looks like we have a bright future ahead of us with our 2018 class. I also think that we will be a much better team next year.